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Welcome to the Jesus Workshop. This page will offer an opportunity to develop a study on the Gospels. We will focus on the Historical Jesus. You're invited to post your own thoughts here.

This is what is on my bookshelf. The material listed below is the one I sed for the Jesus Classes I teach. Thanks to you can obtain your discounted copy delivered directly to your own home. If you have read any of these books, please send me Email  and let's talk about it.

NT: General Introduction | Gospels : Introductions and Commentaries | Paul: Life and Letters | NT: Other Writings | The Historical Jesus | Historical Jesus: Studies |

NT: General Introduction

Introduction to NTAn Introduction to the New Testament (Anchor Bible Reference Library) by Raymond Edward Brown is THE only book you need for a good general introduction to the New Testament. I was waiting for a book like this. offers 30% discount. I should have gotten it through them...

Gospels: Introduction and Commentaries

Commentary on the Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke By Joseph A. Fitzmyer The Gospel According to Luke, I-IX (Anchor Bible, Vol 28) and X-Xxiv (Anchor Bible, Vol 28A)

The Gospel Accodring to John Gospel According to John 1-12 (Anchor Bible Series) by Peter Whittle, Raymond Edward Brown

The Historical Jesus : Particular Studies

Birth of the Messiah  The Birth of the Messiah : A Commentary on the Infancy Narratives in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke (Anchor Bible Reference Library) by Raymond E., S.S. Brown. Death of the MessiahThe Death of the Messiah : From Gethsemane to the Grave : A Commentary on the Passion Narratives in four Gospels/Boxed (The Anchor Bible Referenc) by Raymond E.S.S. Brown.

Also by the same author (1) The Virginal Conception and Bodily Resurrection of Jesus; (2) A Crucified Christ in Holy Week : Essays on the Four Gospel Passion Narratives




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Updated May 21, 1998