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About Me!

  Click on the flag, learn to Speak Italian and let's practice .

I was born in Naples, Italy April 25th, 1968. I studied both modern and ancient languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Esperanto, Hebrew, Latin, and Greek -- but this doesn't mean that I still remember all of them).

I  came in US in 1992 and I lived in Austin, TX (which I loved); here I studied English at I.E.L.S. and then at St. Edward's University. Then I lived in Colorado Spring, CO (which I think is gorgeous) and now I live in NYC (which I am still thinking about what I think about it). I am now in Wilmigton, De. where I teach at St. Edmond's Academy.

I graduated from Fordham University (B.A). Double Major: Philosophy and Theology. I have also won the University "Jouin" Award in Theology. I hope to post some pictures soon.

I play the guitar and I love singing. I studied acting and did some dubbing when I was in Italy.

My likes and dislikes.

Theater: Broadway's musicals are my number one liking. Check this link also! I have seen Les Mis (of co urse!), Miss Saigon, the Phantom of the Opera, City of Angels, Camelot, Guys and Dolls, Showboat, Tommy, the Kiss of the Spider Woman, Sweeney Todd, Passion, Cats, Nunsense, Forum , and many others... ; I have also seen Love! Valor! Compassion! But it is not a musical.

I like Classical Music, too. But I don't go to concerts very often. I spend all the money on Broadway.

I also read a lot. I'd rather read non-fiction, and very specific stuff. Just ask....

I also like food. Check this great link for Good Italian Food!

And i can't forget to mention my favorite TV-show : Star Trek. Check also the Klingon link I also like the X-Files and Sliders.

You better ask me personally what I really dislike...............

"Men with Hope to Bring"

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