~To You Dear Shantih~

Life is pretty funny, so I've often heard it said,

But at moments like these I find it hard to smile.

A tear comes more easily as I look at you now

for tomorrow without you near seems too hard for me to bear.

Yet a glance through our past chases away the dark clouds

and I remember many days together growing in God's grace.

We are surely better now from the life we've shared here

and God has taught me many things by your example of His Son.

It seems strange to say goodbye and the tears are odd too,

because I know within my heart our time has just begun.

The miles will surely separate us and time will run its course,

but I'll be fighting for you daily as I fall before the Throne

We will stand the tide together though we may be far apart,

since what we have between us will last forevermore.

So we won't say goodbye with a downcase face;

'Tis only for a moment until we'll be together again.

Always With Love,

Beau Danny