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Send a virtual e-mail card, postcard, flowers, cake, pizza, etc:

Virtual E-mail Stuff Link Collection

*Virtual E-Cards
Africa Missions Homepage

Oklahoma Christian University

Abilene Christian University

Lubbock Christian University

Michigan Christian University

Freed-Hardeman University

David Lipscomb University

Faulkner University

Pepperdine University

Aggies for Christ

Other Christian College Student Centers...

Redlands College Christian School in Australia

Online Student Center (For career stuff and more.)

College Humor

The Free Zone

Samples of stuff like shampoo-FREE-great for poor college students like us! :D ha-ha!)

Winnie the Pooh Links!

The Acappella Company

AVB Homepage

Glorify Him!

The Firemen~ Music Ministries


CrossView Ministries at White's Ferry Road Church of Christ

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Stelding Homepage Preacher in Frankfurt, Germany

PlanetAll Homepage!

Six Degrees Homepage!

New Attitude Homepage! (Related to the Book, I KISSED DATING GOOD-BYE)


Mt. Rainer Pictures--Lori is currently from here- this would be a great place to have a Shantih reunion someday!
Military Brats Online
Overseas Brats Homepage
ClassMates HomePage
Amazon Online BookStore
Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Ashley O'Rear~ Children with Cancer and Prayer Ministry
The New Social Worker On-line
Focus on the Family
True Love Waits!
True Love Waits Web-Ring
Adventure in Missions Program
What Would Jesus Do?
Tulsa Workshop
The Official Dr. Laura Web-Site
College Jepoardy!
Sunny Delight Page
Beanie Babies!