WARNING: This fanfic is rated PG-13. If you aren't 13, you MUST have your parents' permission before reading this or absolve the writer and the club of any consequences. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Toadboy-Our President with the great hair B-Cool or Terrax or Power or Nemesis Enforcer or justabout anyone else- VP and founding member of the Dayspring Brotherhood (New Writer of 12) Maverick- Ex-President, former list adminsitrator, and a great guy Sinister- Runner up in Presidential race, and a guy that many want to copy finar- one of CN's funniest and campaign manager of Toadboy/B-Cool ticket Morpheus- Writer of the original 12 story (chapters 1 & 2) The Nature Boy, Stone Cold Zenith 230, Hero of the Beach- gotta get that boy to shorten his name someday Sparky, Girl Wonder- First female member of the Twelve Galvatron- Guy with Supreme Nately Knowledge, Aced the Brotherhood Test Dark Scorpion- Generous gal, who gave comics to Bro'hood members Jinx- Sci-fi guru, all around good guy Glenna B, G, or G-Woman- the final initiate of the 12 and keeper of the letter opener of Death Also included in this story are some "real" people and some characters copyrighted by Marvel Comics (Marvel Entertainment). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 3 "I won free tickets to tonight's Rangers/Bruins game...anyone wanna go?" B-Cool declairs as he runs into the meeting room. "By Darkest day, by eternal light, by mountains length, and Rangers of flight....AARRGGHH!! B, you made me mess up, now I have to go back and re-read the entire spell again," Jinx complaigned and stormd out of the room. "Yea, but it's the Rangers." B says to the leaving Jinx. "And all that cold air will cause my flowing locks to freeze," Toad stated, combing his hair," so count me out." "I'll go," G answers," I love hockey." "Bpppttthhh!!!" B-Cool responds to the other heros," G and I get to go and you don't......I wonder if I should go as B-Cool, B-Cruel...." B wonders off murmuring to himself. "Feckin' A. i just wun 3 tickets to see the Manchester United kick the shite out of the Glasgow Celtic in a charity match. i know Morph will want to go (and cry when we win)...who else?" Zenith says, hanging up the phone. Still running his comb through his hair, Toad says," I want to go, can I? Huh? Can I?" "Damn, that means no beer for you, but ok, you can go too." Zenith answers, "'ope Morph and i can taketake up te slack. "but Toad, don't you have that date with...what's her name? That redhead you met at the hair convention?" Sparky asked. "Aw, thanks for reminding me, guess I'm out guys." Tugging on Stone Cold's vest, finar asks," Friend Zenith, since Toadboy can't go, can finar go?" finar puts on his 'little kid asking an adult for something' look...with lower lip quivering. "Only if ye leave that bleedin' hammer at hame...an' nae chasin' all the birds...leave sum fer us like!" Morph says. "and no drinking my beer when i'm na lookin'" Zenith adds. "finar gets to go...finar gets to go." finar yells happily. "In ye better be cherrin' fer Cellic ir ah'll kick yer heed in," Morph says "You do, and i'll open up a can of 'whoop arse' on ya," Stone Cold replies," Go United!!" finar looks for help and completely confused. --- Later that night, with half of the 12 away, the remaining members turn on the Godzilla network. "Listen, I really need to go work on that spell," Jinx says," so tell me if I miss anything." Jinx goes to his room and locks the door. "Has anyone seen Mav? Sparky asks. "Said something about getting a telepathic summons," Dark Scorpion answers, reaching for the popcorn. Suddenly, the emergency signal sounded. Sparky, Galvatron, Dark Scorpion & Sinister run to the communication's room. "Galvatron, find out what's going on," Sinister requests. "Must be a malfunction, computer says it's getting a distress signal from 'Sinister' and something about 'Doom'." "Seems like we've got an imposter. Wanna check it out?" Dark Scorpion asks. "Yea, nobody uses my name but me," Sinister says with anger in his voice. "Think it might be a trap?" Sparky wonders out loud. "of course it is, but even Stay-Puft isn't that dumb....is he?" Galvatron responds. Everyone just looks at him. "let's go!" Sinister yells, running for the Pac-Rat," I miss having a teleporter...someone remember to recomend that we get one in. Where are we heading anyway?" "To the Godzilla network, that's where your signal says you are." Galvatron plops into the pilot's seat," off we go..into the wild blue yonder.." he sings "Shut up and fly already," Sparky yells. ---"And that goal by Alexi Kovalev gives the Rangers a 1 to 0 lead here with 5:05 left to go in the 3rd period." "Let's go Rangers!!!!" B-Cool yelled "Remind me never to let you out in public again," Glenna whispers," why B-Cool anyway?" "B-Cool won the tickets, so B-Cruel, Nemesis, et.al have to stay home." "You need help" "Besides, B-Cool doesn't stand out as much. I'm gonna go get me some more beer and snacks, want anything?" "Supprise me...no wait, bring me a pretzel and a medium coke. I know better than to let you supprise anyone." "Hey, I wasn't responsible for that, I just thought Angel needed a friend." "Yea, but a Mountain lion?" "It was either that or a Boa Constrictor, and the lion spoke up first." B-Cool leaves to get the snacks. About 30 seconds later, a man sits in B-Cool's seat. "Are you G-Woman?" "Um..." she passes out as the stranger, with a Canadian flag arm patch, carries her away. ---- "finar have to go to the bathroom." finar complaigned for the sixth time," so where is it?" "Can't you feckin' wait? The United are about to score!" "Yer arse! Cellic's defence is solid!!" "finar will find them himself." finar says, leaving Morph and Zenith to argue about the game. "Are we having fun gents?" someone askd. As the Scot and English members of the 12 turn just in time to see the inquirer. The rest of the crowd starts a fight (thinking that their team is better than their opponents). no one sees what happens to Zenith and Morph. "friend Morph, friend Zenith...finar is back", finar says, ducking as someone goes flying over his head...then he sees a brown stain and no Morph or Zenith. --- Driving with his date, Toadboy hopes that he doesn't anger her in any way....especially since she is Rachel Summers. He knew everyone would be jealous if they knew, but he had asked CAble if he could take her out and she had said yes when he asked her {it was a little known fact that before she became Mother Askani, Ray appeared in the 20th Century and was destined to be asked out by Toadboy}. "Stop the car...the time warp is about to hit and you are needed in this time." Ray then hopped out of the car and vanished. Toad started up the bug (borrowed while his other car was in for repairs) and started back to the safehouse. *BANG!* "Darn, a flar," Toad said outloud. As he got out of the Bug, he is hit with a giant marshemllow. Although it doesn't knock him out, it gets stuck in his hair...sending Toad into shock. "Take him," Bloblock commanded in his sludge filling a jello mould sounding voice. --- RIBBID - RIBBID "Am I the only one capable of opening the door?" Jinx yelled, bringing lightning and fireballs out of thin air. "