Our Line-up for the 12:

Toadboy: President extrodinair, with the great hair

B-Cool, or Terrax, or Power, or Nemesis Enforcer or justabout anyone: VP

Maverick: Ex-President, former list administrator, and knowledgable friend

Sinister: Runner up in Presidential race, and a great guy

Morpheus: creator of the original 12 story

finar: One of the funniest guys in ClubNate and campaign manager of Toad/B-Cool

Nature Boy, Stone Cold Zenith 230, Hero of the Beach: Gotta get him to shorten that name someday

Sparky, Girl Wonder: First female member of the 12

Galvatron: Guy with Supreme Nately Knowledge, Aced Bro'hood test

Dark Scorpion: Generous gal who gave comics to Bro'hood members

Jinx: Sci-fi guru and all around good guy

Glenna B, G, or G-Woman: final initiate of the 12 and keeper of the leter opener of death.

> Our Story so far: > the Godzilla network has been captured by Stay-Puft, Hitman, and their > team. Toad was also captured. Zenith and Morph have vanished. Nexus and > 2Fli are guarding the safehouse. And B-Cool is leading the team (scary > thought) to rescue the Godzilla network. > > Chapter 5 > > Diving into the water, Mav missed hearing the communicator. He enjoyed > the peaceful tranquility of the swim. The water relaxed the former > president and helpped him forget the rest of the world. As he emerged > from the water, he took a deep breath...and was promptly splashed in the > face. He quickly retaliated with a splash of his own, soaking Mrs. > Maverick and their daughter. > > "Dad, your communicator's buzzing," came the yell from Maverick's son, > reading his favorite comic: Team ClubNate. > > Hopping out of the pool (a trick he learned from Toadboy), Maverick picked > up his communicator. "Maverick here, talk to me." > -- > > "We've got Mav," 2FLI told Nexus," What did B-Cool want us to tell him?" > > Nexus grabs the sheet, a summary of what was known. He then uses the > communicator to tell the following description," Toadboy has been > taken...they found his bug with marshmellows on the seat, Zenith and Morph > are MIA, B-Cool is leading the remaining officers to the Godzilla network > to prevent a takeover by Hitman and his Foundation. We need you to head > for the Godzilla network and help...suspicion is that Stay-Puft is helping > the Hitman." > -- > > Mav's jaw dropped...Hitman, the Hart Foundation, Stay-Puft, 3 of the 12 > MIA, and B-Cool in charge...Mav didn't know which fact was scariest. > Realizing the value of the safehouse, Mav asked," Who is this?" > > "Nexus and 2FLI" came the reply," Members of the Dayspring Brother, Sister > and Toadhood." > > Mav remembered that he and B-Cool had added members to this group of > heros-in-training..and if B-Cool left them, they must be ok," Alright, > stay out of the refreshments and feed the animals when they get hungry. > Send a message to B-Cool that I'm on my way." > -- > > "MMMRRRFFF," came the sound from the gagged Toadboy. > > "What did he just say?" Sinisdoom asked. > > "He said 'MMMRRRFFF'," Havok said. > > "Shut up ... both of you." grabbing the mic, Hitman started his > monologue," I am the rightful ruler of ClubNate. You are a bunch of > IDIOTS. You have no life. The 12 are LOOSERS. Americans STINK!" > -- > > "We've gotta stop this guy," Magik said while flying the Pac-Rat," > luckily, Mavman's on the way." > > "And we'll use Maverick's abilities to locate Toad, Morph and Zenith, but > till he arrives at Godzilla, we will stick with the plan outlined by > B-Cool," Media Assassin states. "Galvatron, see if you can jam their > communications. Scorpion, if you were going to set a trap in the Godzilla > network, where would you put it?" > > Looking at the blue-prints of the network (sent to them by the Black > Rook), Dark Scorpion points, then moves her finger to a semi-obscure > location," that's where I'd be hiding, since everyone would be heading for > the broadcast room." > > Media Assassin looks at the location, then begins a transformation into > Power,"ok, then that's our first target." > -- > > Toadboy tries to use his super-kick to break the chair he's tied to. > > "look, he's trying something," Havok notices. > > "Show him a mirror." Stay-Puft commands. > > Sinisdoom shows Toadboy a mirror. Seeing the marshmellows in his hair, > Taod faints. > > "We've done it!" Hitman exclaims," We've taken over the Godzilla Network, > and without Toadboy, the 12 are helpless. That's what happens when you > follow an American." > -- > > Landing near the Godzilla network, the 8 heros search for the hidden > access tunnel that Black Rook told them about. Using the hidden passages, > they easily bypass the first level of traps tht are awaiting intruders. > > "Galvatron, you're good with games. Take the point and lead us around > areas that should have traps," Power requests. Galvatron leads them down > the hall and into an office next to the stairs..then stops," I ran a > computer sweep, the rest of the floor, the stairwell, and ALL sucessive > hallways have electronic security. Only the hallway we just took, this > office, and the floor that our foes are on are clear." > > A telepathic message says," why doesn't Jinx teleport all of you to the > desired floor. If you run into any trouble, Magik and I are sitting in > the Pac-Rat eating pizza." The heros smile, realizing that Maverick's on > the scene. > > "You heard the man, Jinx, let's go," Sinister requests, eager to get his > hands on Sinisdoom. > > "finar wanna hit somebody." finar says with his hammer ready. The rest of > the group gets ready for battle. > > Jinx begins his incantation," Powers of light, fame and things, Powers of > diamonds, gold and rings, Powers of time and space.." Jinx looks around > and notices that he has put everyone to sleep waiting for the teleport. > Deciding to speed it up, he skips some words and finishes with" ...remove > us heros from this place, take us so we can kick the can of the group with > the Hitman." > > ** > > Materializing on the floor, Jinx begins a count to make sure he teleported > everyone and stops when he gets to the unrecognized person standing where > Power should have been. > > Sparky, not recognizing the person, shoots her sparklers at him, but he > steps out of the way. finar takes a double look (hard to do, but it's > better than drinking his double shots) as Galvatron tries to locate this > mistery man in his Nately Database. Dark Scorpion draws her kintana, > ready to strike. Sinister powers up his energy blast as other members get > ready to attack. > > "Wait," Galvatron yells," I've ID'd this guy. This must have been deemed > a major problem for Barry to unleash 'The Original Enforcer B-Man'." > > The heros pause, remembering the horror stories related to the last > appearance of the Enforcer. "Hey, anyone there? Why can't I contact > Barry," comes the telepathic message from Maverick (unaware of what has > happened). As Maverick tries to reestablish contact, the Original > Enforcer turns his head slightly, causing a major telepathic ripple that > shakes the Pac-Rat. > > "Change of plan," the Enforcer says," I'll deal with Hitman myself, the > rest of you deal with the others, then we regroup to take out Stay-Puft." > The Enforcer walks towards the door, but rather than opening it, he fades > away before he gets there. > > "That boy is scary." G-Woman says > > "One of these days I'm going to run some serious tests on that guys > genetic structure." Sinister says, shaking his head in disbelief. > > "Well, let's go find the Foundation members and kick some but." > -- > > Toadboy awakens and remembers his mutant ability to have perfect hair. > Using this ability, the marshmellows vanish, and Toadboy's hair is perfect > once again. He then shatters the chair with a super kick. He then hopps > up and unties his hands. > > Finally free, Toadboy puls a comb out of his back pocket and runs it > through his hair. He then walks over to the door...locked. > --- > > Preparing for another tirad, Hitman grabs the mic. He then sees a figure > approaching. Not recognizing him, Hitman prepares an attack. > > Preparing to execute his 'sharpshooter', Hitman launches his primary > attack...which never reaches The Original Enforcer. B-Man grabs Hitman by > the neck, knees him in the groin, and lands an energy-filled punch that > not only knocks Hitman out, but knocks him back to Canada. > -- > > Seeing Sinisdoom in the control booth, Sinister and finar break down the > door. Jiinx begins his incantation, "By the moon invisible and shadows > between the worlds, by the winds of Limbo and the stars of eternal > light.." > > Sinister grabs Sinisdoom and hits him with an energy blast at point blank > range. As Sinisdoom goes flying, he is knocked out of the air by finar > and his hammer. finar then hits him again, and again, and again, Sinister > blasts Sinisdoom, and finar hits him again. With Sinisdoom unconscience > and bleeding, Sinister grabs finar to make him stop. finar is heard > saying, "finar wants to hit him again." > > Meanwhile, Jinx continues his incantation, concluding it with a > "...bimble, wimble, cha-cha chumf" and turns Sinisdoom into a flower. He > then tells Sinister and finar," that was a basic spell." > -- > > Hearing the commotion, Havok the Anvil starts to run away. As he turns > down another hallway, he runs into Galvatron and is knocked backwards. > Fear shows on Havok's face, as he is kicked in the ribs by G-Woman. > "that's for trying to kidnap me." She pulls out the letter opener of > death," and this is for throwing me at B-Cool." > > Havok dives for cover, firing an energy blast as he goes. The heros > sidestep it and Galvatron fires an energy blast of his own. Havok > prepares to fire another energy blast and almost has his hand cut off by > the Deadly Living Weapon Dark Scorpion. > > Havok stands up and starts to flee. Dark Scorpion uses a dagger to cut > off his belt buckle. Havok's pants fall. As he tries to pull them up, he > is hit with one of Galvatron's energy blasts. Before Havok hits the > ground, G-Woman teleports him so he lands on top of Hitman. > -- > Sparky goes running through the hallways, checking all the doors. Finding > a locked office, Sparky unleashes her sparklers, blowing the door off it's > hinges. Toadboy pushes the door out of his view of a mirror he found, and > has some styling mouse ready to go into his hair. "Hello Sparky, Girl > Wonder... > *DA-DUM-DADADA-DUM-DA-DUM-DUMMMMMMMM* > ...'bout time someone found me." Toad says. > > "Come on Toad, we're looking for the Stay-Puft Bloblock." > > "He was just in the other room. Let's get him." > > "No, Media Assassin, or was it Power..anyway, he said it'll take all the > members to battle him, especially with Zenith and Morph MIA." > > "No Morph or Zenith? where are they?" Toad asks, then is supprised when > he sees The Original Enforcer appear. "Is that.." One look from the > Enforcer strikes fear in the Toad and he never finishes his sentence. The > Enforcer begins another transformation, growing in size and summoning a > battle axe (don't ask from where, 'cuz we don't know). Looking even more > intimidating then before," Where's Stay-Puft?" The Terraxian Nemesis > B-Cruel asks, his voice shaking the entire building. > > "He's not there," came the telepathic answer from Maverick, glad that this > incarnation of B had no major telepathic shields,"I only detect the > Officers. Magik's going to teleport everyone back to the Pac-Rat so we > can start looking for Zenith and Morph." > > finar comes into the room and asks Jinx to teleport him instead, showing > his fear of Limbo. "Why don't you go with B? He can get you there now." > Galvatron suggests, realizing that the VP can now fly. > > Nemesis grabs finar and smashes through a wall. The rest of the heros > travel through Limbo. Once everyone's assembled, Maverick says," OK, lets > get the facts about Morph and Zenith's disappearance." > +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ > > Where are Morph and Zenith? Will the VP ever transform back to B-Cool? > How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie-roll > tootsie-pop? > > Find out most of these answers next time on this Nately Godzilla Network > station. > ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ > > Comments? Send them to B-Cool > > --- > Keeper of the ClubNate Pages: http://www2.utep.edu/~bslee/ClubNate2.htm > & > The Gambit Guild Bio-page: http://www.reocities.com/BourbonStreet/4616 > > More info coming soon.............. >