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The story was conceived on the Stripe (A Rogue Fan Club) and written by: Barry Lee

This story takes place before the Age Of Apocalypse story line.

"What If"
starring: Rogue

The X-Teams were in trouble. Rogue realized that it was up to her to get them out of this jam. With only Colossus, Strong Guy, and her still standing, she had to do something. Looking at Strong Guy, Rogue realized that he was absorbing too much punishment, and without release, it could kill him. Colossus was doing what he could, but that was merely protecting the injured. This attack was well orchestrated. "If only I could be in more than one place at a time," she thought...then realized she could. Although Madrox was out of reach, Quicksilver was near by. She could reach down and absorb his ability, use the extra speed to fly to where Jamie had fallen, and use the Multiple Man's abilities to make an offensive and defensive stand. Reaching down, she absorbed Quicksilver and sped over to where Madrox had fallen. When she touched him, she was hit with an energy blast...now there were three Rogues.

"Grrr," Wolverine growled, joining the fray.

One of the Rogues was blasted into Wolverine, and since her costume was in shreds (as Wolverine's was), their contact produced three Rogues that had absorbed Wolvy's powers.

Another Rogue finally managed to reach the source of the attack...Apocalypse. She hit him, not realizing that she might absorb him. The contact didn't really worry Apocalypse, since there was no way that Rogue could absorb all his abilities, but when she became three, he knew he was in trouble.

"Defeat is unacceptable," he said, teleporting his army, himself, and one of the Rogues that had appeared when he was hit away....leaving 12 Rogues and the X-teams.

*Flash to a space shot with a Watcher. "Greetings, I'm the new Watcher assigned to assist Uatu. While Uatu is out talking to the High Evolutionary, I (BLee) get to show you, what a member of the Stripe called, the 'Crisis of Infinite Rogues'. I guess I can return us to the action now." *

Coming to the aid of their fallen commrads, the members of X-Force assist in getting the injured to the infirmary. after making sure that everything was well in hand, Cable and his team bid farewell, leaving to look for the escaped Feral.

Meanwhile, the Rogues agreed to meet in the Danger Room and wait for Madrox's abilities to wear off and the Rogue Dupes to vanish. After a few minutes, seven of the Rogues disappeared, but there were still five in the room.

"Why didn't we disappear," Rogue XII asked?

"Maybe we have to absorb each other like Jamie does to his dupes," Rogue VIII said.

" Aint no one absorbin' me,"Rogue X said.

"Well, since we must now be individuals, Ah'm leavin," Rogue VIII said, but when she tried to fly away, she fell to the ground. "Seems Ah can't fly no more." Rogue VIII looked up and saw that she had created 2 more Rogues, but they immediately reabsorbed into her.

"Let's all get a med-scan and see what's goin' on here," Rogue I said.

"Seems we got us some weird news," Rogue I said.

"What'd ya find out?" Rogue XI asked...wearing a brown and yellow outfit.

"Yea, sugah, do tell," the silver clad Rogue X requested..

"Well," Rogue I started, but stopped when she saw Rogue VIII in black and Rogue XII in blue and silver. Rogue I continued," seems some of us got some extra powers."

"An'," Rogue XI said, " what's your point?"

"Ok, seems we all got the original's abilities, but while I'm only Rogue, two of ya got Wolvy's powers, two with Quicksilver, and two with Madrox...these are mixed in," Rogue I then turned to Rogue VIII, "An while ya still got all the abilities, ya just got to think before ya use any power other than Jamie's...the other stuff will take concentration."

{the alarms sound}

Colossus comes running into the room, but stops when he sees the 5 Rogues. After a slight hesitation, he says, "Apocalypse is back."

Rogue VII replies," I'll see if I can revive any of the other X-Men while the rest of you try to stop him....I'm a liability till I get used to my new 'conditional' powers." She then runs to the main infirmary while the others rush out to stop the attack.

Apocalypse releases his new Dark Riders with a blue-clad female leading them. although most of the Dark Riders fall quickly, their leader K.O.'s Rogue XI with an energy blast and throws her into space. Apocalypse blasts Rogue I into unconsciousness and Colossus catches her before he is blasted by the female Dark Rider.

"Grrrr," Rogue X growls, before launching herself at Apocalypse. She appears to have bone claws which slice open part of the Dark Rider's outfit before she too is blasted out of action.

Exploding projectiles knock the Dark Rider away before she can attempt to finish Rogue X. the Dark Rider looks over and sees Gambit, Wolverine, and Cyclops emerge ready for battle. Cyclops fires his optic blast at the Dark Rider, knocking her helmet off and reveling another Rogue. Forge runs out and fires his neutralizer...missing the Dark Rider Rogue by inches. Apocalypse and Rogue XIII teleport away...determined to fight the X-Men at a later date.

Gambit looks confused at all the Rogues. Rogue VIII reaches over and touches her bare hand to his face, "Marry me," she says. Gambit smiles.

Rogue XII looks at the bloody Cyclops and says," Ah wanna join the X-Men...y'all can call me:Quick Mirror, since I'm like Rogue and Quicksilver."

Rogue X announces," Ah'm gonna go look for XI." She then flys to the hanger and takes one of the X-Ships into space.

"What are we gonna do for an encore," Rogue I asks?

*Epilogue: the Silver Surfer, deciding to return to Earth, collides with an outward bound object. The object bounces off him on a trajectory that will take it out of the galaxy, but the Surfer suddenly feels too drained to chase it.

Are you lost and want to know which Rogue is Which, look at the
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