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Chapter 2
"The girls"
by: Barry Lee

"Welcome to SKD central, senoritias. I am Julio Estaban, and I will be your 'general commander'...handling your initiation. I am also your representative to the Council of Knights."

"I know that voice..."

"Silence, Ju Lee, or you shall be diciplined."

"Careful, or he may become angry," a young girl whispers," I am Che Yang and my friend is Betty Escarciga. We've been associates for almost a year and finally decided to join up. I understand taht all members get code names, I wonder what names they have left."

"Well, ladies, if you are done whispering over there, we can get started. For your first assignments, since you seem three seem to be such 'good friends' now, you will each be issued a gun. Your assignment is to bring back.....oh let's say $200".

"Anywhere in particular you want us to get it from?"

"Anywhere you can get it...I'm not picky". Julio turns his head slightly and says, "Gears, get over here." A young man runs over, " I want you to give these girls the Jeep." turns back to the girls, "Here are the keys to the vehicle I want you to use. I know you ladies can do the job.....just remember, when the rictor marks, the trouble starts. Oh, and take this 'country bumpkin' with you...Page Guther.."

The girls start to leave, " One more thing, I've decided to let you make your own code names, but you must have them before you leave. If you can't think of any, I'll assign you some."

" Just call me Jubilee", Ju says. "the rest of us have decided to let you pick our names."

" ok, Betty will be Betty Boop, Che will be Ninja, and Paige will be...Pumpkin. I want you all to start using these names as if they were given to you at birth."

"This is a cool jeep. lowrider, great sound system, chrome and purple."

"and a cop car pulling us over...were you speeding?"

"Step out of the vehicle and put your hands on your head! don't make any sudden moves!!"

Betty said, "everyone run on the count of three...three."

Betty Boop, Jubilee and Pumpkin start running, Ninja pulls out her gun and starts shooting. the police open fire, hitting Ninja and Pumpkin. ,p>

"I'm hit, someone help me...boop" Betty runns back and pushes Pumpkin through some bushes, and into a house. The police officers radio in for backup, one chases Jubilee down, and trips her, forcefully putting the cuffs on her.


(Down at the Station)

"Well, we caught one, and had to shoot another, but we still allowed two of them to escape."

"What happened to the other girl?"

"She was DOA."

Jubilee starts to cry

"We just got word that we are to release her...her prints identified her as Jubilation Lee, and some government big wig says that she's working with them. someone will be down to get her."

Louis Gatsby walks in the door and talks to Jubilee," maybe next time, Jubilee, I just hope the others have better luck".

This is the end of Chapter 2. (yes, I realize this could have been a little less "wordy", but please forgive me....this is my first attempt at a fanfic)
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