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Chapter 4
"The Guys......take two"
by: Barry Lee

"So, Why are you called 'Barry'?

"Answer's simple...when Mainbrain was reforming SKD, I was the best fighter in the group....thus I was given the name of the original SKD's best fighter...and currently our most hated enemy, Barry Leigh. I still remember the story about how the original SKD was formed. Back in the mid eighties, Barry made friends with 'Scavenger'. One day after school, Scavenger was attacked by the local gang. Barry and a few of his friends...Mob and Moneybags, came to Scavenger's rescue. They decided, then, to form the Scavengers, as an anti-gang. They never destroyed anything, but were known for beating the @#$@# out of all the people who were involved in gang activities. Scavenger was set up as a figure-head, while Barry ran the show and handled recruiting. Mob left the group..about the same time as a gang-war between the Knights and the Death Warriors occured. When both commanders were killed, Barry recruited some of the remaining members and Scavenger 'agreed' to change the name to Scavenger's Knights of Death. Some time before the name change, the 'Prince of Pain' joined the group. Between Barry, Scavenger, and the Prince, no gang was safe. SKD was a dangerous force for five years...then they graduated from high school. Scavenger went into government service, Barry went to college on a governmental scholarship, and Prince just vanished. We know that Barry and Scavenger now work directly for the president, but everyone wonders what happened to the Prince, though it is rumored he is still a 'gang' member somewhere. Turn right here."

As they pulled into the lot, they noticed that the buildings were all but demolished. There was an eighteen wheeler near one of the buildings.

"Ok boys, eyes open and guns ready." Adam got out of the van. They watched as a lady walked over to where Adam was standing.

"how could a knock-out gorgeous babe like that be in a gang" ..Tulo thought, the others were just staring in disbelief that a beauty like her was associated with a gang like this.

"See if you can synch with any other mutants in the area." Greyskin whispered to Everet. "Anyone got a cig?" he said out loud.

"Believe it or not, she's a mutant. I can synch with her beauty...I wonder if that's why Cannonball sent us here." Mirror whispered to Angelo. "Just be ready for anything, guys", he said to the group.

Tires squeeled as a black caddy came racing around the lowering....

"They got guns...everyone out, let's light up that car," Bull yelled.

Kato kicked the back door open and fired once, diving back behind the seat. Mirror shot his gun and hit the passenger of the Caddy in the head.

*BOOM* they heard and saw the car go up in smoke. Tulo said, "look at the size of that"

The lady walked over, "Get out!" she commanded. Once they were all out, she continued, "which of you shot at that car?" Mirror and Kato step forward, "I have a special mission for you two...get in the limo." The three of them got in the limo and it pulled away. "Well, what are you guys waiting for, let's get this stuff to it's destination." Adam said.

"Who was that?"

"Well, guys, that was Passion, Mainbrain's second in charge. Now get in and let's go. You're going to follow behind the truck, just don't be too obvious about it."

The ride to the warehouse was uneventful, though they did notice the approach of the police to the building they had left. When they approached the warehouse, they noticed someone out front.

"Look, it's Sammy."

Everyone got out of the vehicles, assuming the mission was almost over, but still alert.

"Nobody move, you are all under arrest!!" Came the booming voice.

"It's a trap", one of the guards yelled and shot at Sammy, but Cannonball extended his blasfield to protect himself.

A small army of Police and DEA agents were visible now, all with guns pointed at them. Everyone raised their hands in surrender.

Sammy walked over to Adam, "Finally catching the famous Adam 'Barry' Leioni in the act...this must be my lucky day."

Out stepped Mondo and Jono with a box of handcuffs. Skin grabbed the guns from Tulo and Bull, "Sorry, chicos, but you won't be needing these."

After placing everyone in the police vans, Sammy asked, "so Skin, what ever happened to Synch?"

This is the end of chapter 4.

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