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Chapter 5
"Cutting the losses"
by: Barry Lee

The phone rang. "Mob....who's this.....hold on a sec.." he covers the mouthpiece and calls, "Passion, pick up the phone...it's Adam."

"Passion here, talk to me Barry....ok, I'll get the word out. I'll also have you out in about an hour." As she hangs up the phone, "Damn! We had a traitor in a position of command." Picks up the phone and dials a number," Meltdown...close that HQ, Now! Sammy just busted Adam and the shipment. Bring the recruits to our El Paso, Texas location. One more thing, I want no trace of our occupation of that building, Rig it!"


"Here goes another speeding teen", thought Officer Martinez, "but why is the car leaving an abandoned building? Well, I'll worry about that later, first to catch speedy."

"Spit....it's the cops"

" Just relax, we ain't done anything yet", Meltdown said, " so just behave and we'll get out of this with just a ticket."

"So, Ladies, we off to a hot date or did you just step on the accelerator too hard?"

"Well, officer, we were just joking around, and I went for the break and hit the gas by mistake."

"Let's see the driver's license and insurance card....mind telling me what you were doing at that abandoned building back there?"

Handing over the driver's license and insurance card, "Well, we were thinking of contacting the owner and seeing if we could rent it out for a party."

Officer Martinez hands them back their insurance card and license, " I'm going to let you off with a warning, but next time be a little more careful. There was no real risk out here, but if you do that in a residencial area, someone might get hurt."

After proceding away slowly, and getting out of sight, Meltdown says, "Pull the car over." she lowers the window," Excuse me, but aren't you Pumpkin and Boop? I thought so, get in."

The two girls get in the Thunderbird, "We've been looking for you two....we are locating out west, anyone have a problem with that? No, good, next stop, Newark Airport."


"This is the building", Sam says to the assembled police squad. Officer Martinez thinks, "and I just let a car full of girls out of this place."

"Hold on, Cannonball, better let me check the building first....they may have left a few supprises." Barry Leigh says, walking slowly towads the door, " Everyone take cover, just in case."


"SKD....Kneel!!!!" came the call as Passion walked in, flanked by Mirror and Kato.

"Rise and welcome our newest members from our now closed New York HQ."

Kato whispers to Mirror, "What was that all about?"

"That's the official greeting of SKD to command members....kneeling when they enter." came the response from behind them. Suddenly, everyone kneels, except for Passion.

"Greetings, Card. I assume you heard what happened in Staten Island?"

"Of course I heard...oh, SKD rise." He said.

Mirror looked at this guy.....4'11", Red Hair, a Green Suit with an Orange tie....and two spray cans on his sides. Then, of course, there was his companion, a familiar looking redhead...who was remaining silent.

"Well, Passion, how are you going to deal with this situation? You know that Mainbrain won't be pleased."

"Let's just say that the situation has been taken care of ....but I did close the place. I think I'll have my people buy the building and turn it into a modeling school, if there's anything left. I heard you were flying out to meet with Living Dead, Tinkerbell, and of course, Tink's buddy Hussain."

"Plans changed.....Tink is ordering all UE leaders to the Mideast to discuss the recent Interpol crackdown, as well as the increased involvement of Barry and Scavenger in government service."

"Excuse me....but what's the UE?" Kato asks.

Card walks over and puts his arm around Kato's shoulders. "Who are you?"

"Ah...K..K...Kato, sir."

"Well, Kato, none of your business", card replied, spraying Kato in the face with one of his spray bottles with what looks like water.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" Kato screams as his face starts to melt from the acid. He dropps dead.

"Let's continue this discussion away from the 'help'." Card says as he and Passion walk towards a door," Mainbrain wants a meeting of all knights set for...." the door is closed.

Mirror walks over to Card's companion, "So, Rahne, what do yu think?"

"Well, Synch, I think we better just remain calm and keep in touch with base."


Barry slowly opens the door...nothing. Everyone stands up. Barry takes one step inside.



Four first-class tickets were waiting when Meltdown, Boop, Husk and Scarlet arrived. As they started towards the ramp, 10 FBI agents stopped them. "You ladies aren't planning on leaving town, I hope. I am placing you under arrest for participation in organized criminal activities....Read 'em their rights."


The explosion shattered the windows on the nearby buildings,a nd on the police cars. "Barry!!!!" came the female voice.


This is the end of chapter 5 (yes, I know it's late).

"If I had five cents for everytime someone said that, I'd have a nickle."


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