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Chapter 7
"The Gathering"
by: Barry Lee

Officer Martinez though it strange that a Jaguar was driving through this area. Here, three blocks away from SKD's exploding wharehouse, he had stopped to have another cup of coffee and spotted it driving by. "I'd better check it out", he thought, so he hit his sirens. The Jag pulled over and a man in a business suit got out.

"Just wanted to tell......." Officer Martinez started.

"Silence, I have already gathered the required information from your mind...now you will forget that you ever saw me." He said. He then got back in his car and drove away.


The truck approached the Zaragosa bridge. As the driver approached the custom's agent, she lowered her window.

"Where's your shipment coming from?" Agent Stan Corralez asked.

"Here's the paper work" Isabell Fernandez handed over the papers she was given at departure.

"Sorry, need to check it anyway." Stan said, as he walked to the back. After having her open the doors, he let the dogs go in. As he started to check the papers, the dogs started going crazy.

"Well, you are under arrest for the transportation of controlled substances. Care to tell me where this was headed?"

"It's on the papers", she replied.


"That's not our driver, it must be a cop" the lookout said.

"Everyone to the vehicles", Speedshift yelled...and ran to the helecopter.

As the copter started to lift off, Speedshift saw the building being surrounded and the people whom he was supposed to lead being arrested.


The truck exploded and all the cops stopped moving. A Jag pulled into the compound. The driver got out of the car, brushing off his suit. He blinked and the cops' heads exploded. As Speedshift tried to turn to tell the pilot to land, they flew away.


"Now remember, you are my student, here to learn about SKD. We are observers, not participants. Now establish a mindlink." The Prince told Monet.

As they walked to the doors of the club, M noticed Synch, Rahne and a woman getting out of a limo. A guard walked over to where M and the Prince were, "Can I help you two? This club is closed today."

"We are here for the meeting, unless you and your group would like to try and remove me, though I think that'll lead to a bloody war , and eventhough SKD has worldwide membership, you aren't quite up to the Mafia and Yakuza's underworld standards. Now please step aside, or, better yet, announce that the Prince of Pain and his companion are here."

One of the guards grabbed the Prince's arm "Sorry, Members Only!" Prince grabbed the guard's arm, broke it, and hit the guard in the chest. The guard started to spit blood and died in less than 20 seconds. "Anyone else?" The Prince asked.

Walking in, Prince contacted M, "keep keep a telepathic look out, we don't want any supprises."


The plane touched down softly. Clearing customs was long, but uneventful. As the driver started to pull away, Julio Esteban Richtor was wondering if his back-ups had arrived at the meeting yet. He was supprised when the orders came for him to fly into South America and Mexico to pick up some papers, but it did give him a chance to see his family. He hated that he wasn't able to let Shatterstar know he was in New York, but it was too risky. Maybe when this was over, he'd go see the old gang. He would have stopped and made a call to them, or maybe to someone else, but with Card in sitting next to him, he couldn't act suspicious.


Barry, Sean, Emma, Jono, and Louis stepped out of Gateway's teleportation circle.

"Hold it right there," an FBI agent said, "you are trespassing on Federal Property!"

"And here I was thinking this place was assigned to the President's Patriots." Louis said, pulling out his ID card. "Where are the agents assigned to this building?"

Agent Jacobs handed over a clipboard.

"So, everyone is either at the fashion show, or sick. Barry, what do you think?"

"I think we should put them on alert, remember what Skin said about the 'beautiful lady'? If she is who I think, we'll need to stake the show out. Excuse me...agent Jacobs, are you assigned to this unit?"

"Yes sir, I am", came the reply, "Agent Dave Jacobs, formerly a Captain in the United States Army during the Vietnam war."

"Let me guess, you are Nighthawk, or, as you were known in 'Nam, Bloodhawk. I read your file. You will be working with myself, Louis, and our temporary members Jono Starsmore, Emma Frost, and Sean Cassidy." Barry said.

"Ok, what's the assignment?" Dave asked.

"Actually, the question is when do we go after them?" Emma asked," My students are NOT supposed to be placed in any unnecessary danger, yet I've already had one shot and two put in jail. I still have two students in that meeting and I want them out of there!"

"Ye know, boyo, placing children at risk is a criminal act, especially for a government agent." Sean said.

"Well, Mr. Cassidy, would you care to show me your passport, along with those of a few of your students. I'm sure that I can also get Emma for indecency with a minor, due to that outfit that she used to wear. And of course there's always the matter of Jubilee and the Mall Cops, Everit and the police for destruction of private and public property. Now, I don't want to hear another word. I'll get your students out as soon as we locate them, I promise." Barry said, "besides, we have others making sure nothing happens to this next generation of 'X-Men'."


This is the end of Chapter 7.


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