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Chapter 8
"The Meeting"
by: Barry Lee

"So, Nighthawk, would you care to tell us what you can do so we know how to use you and your abilities." Louis asked.

"I can transform into a hawk, I can also fire energy blasts." Agent Jacobs responded.

"What transportation do we have immediate access to?" Barry asked.

"Vans, cars, motorcycles, and a helicopter. All are ready to go." Dave answered.

"Alright, alert the agents and tell them to head over to Vertigo's Nightclub and wait for us. Everyone, let's go get the kids out!!!"


A red Jaguar pulled up. Both door guards stood at attention, waiting for the passenger to enter the club. Neither guard dared look at those steel-cold eyes of the man for fear of death. As the man walked inside, both guards breathed a sigh of relief, and watched as the Jag was driven to the parking lot.

Suddenly, the alarm sounded," Mutant Approaching." One of the guards called out, but as he drew his weapon, a mysterious man fell out of the sky and landed on the Jag, crushing the roof.

Standing up, with blood coming from his nose, the mystery man said, "Hi, I'm..."

Both guards blasted him, one with an inhibitor device, the other with a stun blast, " I think the boss might want to see this one."


Prince and Monet walked to the bar. "What can I get for you?" The bartender asked.

"2 mineral waters", Prince said, and as he turned to look around the room, he froze in place.

The telepathic scream from the mystery man's fall broke Monet's mindlink to the Prince, and forced M to look down in pain. As she looked up, she saw a fist coming right at her face......


Julio and Card walked into the club, noticing a commotion near the bar. Julio ran over, " What happened?"

"Telepath in the building, and one outside. We're going to examine them both after the meeting...we also have the infamous 'Prince Of Pain' here, as an observer. Mainbrain mindlocked him, then released him when he read who he was."

"But why'd you release him?" Mob asked.

"Because you don't mess with the Prince, he has already survived being brain-blown, and still managed to do his assigned jobs. He is said to have stole an F-14, a MIG-20, and a Spitfire, just to make a point. Besides, his mind is shielded and almost alien. It's almost impossible to hold for long periods of time." Card said.

"He earned his place, and Mainbrain's respect, and that means a lot. Now, SKD report to the meeting room. Mainbrain will be in shortly." Passion added.

As they gathered around the table, with Prince of Pain against the wall, the call came out," SKD KNEEL!!!" Everyone but the Prince knelt, as the man from the Jaguar walked in, with Monet at his side, " I believe she belongs to you, Prince," then, turning toward the table, "SKD rise and be seated."

Prince checked his watch, activating a homing signal. He looked at Monet and knew that Mainbrain must be a really high-level psi in order to take control of her mind. This wasn't going to be easy.

Wolf and Mirror guarded the doors.


Louis knew what the homing signal signified, remembering years back when he had given it to the Prince as SKD closed it's doors so many years ago. He increased the speed and hoped that everything was ok. He looked over to Barry.

"Emma, we may need your telepathic abilities, as a back-up and as a mindlink to help us coordinate our attack." Barry said.

As they approached, Emma knocked the guards out. Jono opened the door to the club, allowing Barry to dive through the door with his Colt .45 drawn. Empty.

"Down the stairs," Louis called out. Barry started down the stairs, and came flying back up followed by Mob, who was charging out of the stairway. Louis jumped in the air, flapped his arms, landed next to Mob, and just touched him. Mob dropped to the floor, " Energy drain," Louis said as he put the cuffs on Mob.

Barry got up, "Quietly, follow me down there."


Mainbrain looked at his followers...letting his eyes linger on Julio, "Traitor, your thoughts betray you!"

Prince knocked Monet out, then ran towards Julio. "Now", he said, and went flying towards Mainbrain like he was hit. Passion and Gears stood motionless, Card grabbed for his cans, and Speedshift drew his gun. Rictor cut loose, shaking the building and knocking everyone in the room off their feet.

Mainbrain said "Stop" and everyone in the room froze. He released everyone but Rictor. Synch matched energy levels and abilities of Mainbrain, and hit him with a full-powered telepathic attack. Passion activated the Inhibitors that were built into the namebadges of Synch and Rahne. She then asked, " How shall we deal with these three?"

"I'll DEAL with them." Card answered.

At that moment, Louis and Barry broke through the door, "Everyone freeze, you are all under arrest."

Six people sat back down, Passion, Card, Adam, Gears, and Speedshift just smiled....the Prince of Pain was gone. Mainbrain walked over, "why should we 'freeze'? you have no authority here." He pulled out a wallet, " I am a representative of the Lybian government, as are the majority of my associates in this room...except for your agents over there." Just then, Mainbrain noticed that the Prince was gone and could tell that he was wanted by these two feds infront of him.

Louis looked at the "badge", but it kept looking like a regular piece of paper. "Alright, we may not be able to arrest you now, but we will be taking our people, and your prisoners, out of here," Louis said. Mainbrain just smiled.

Sean and Jono carried out Monet, Barry and Ev helped the Mystery man (whom they found out was named Nate Grey).

Emma walked over to Nate," We could teach you to control your abilities, if you want."

"No, I'm looking for a friend of mine."

"Keep my offer in mind," she said, as she, Sean, and the students were teleported away.


This is the end of SKD...or is it? Although the majority of plots were resolved, they may turn up again. Besides, they are still out there.


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