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"Summer Vacation"
Barry Lee (B-Cool)

The coach was still talking when the bell rang. The team waited, impatiently, for her to finish, knowing that Summer Vacation was just one of coach's lectures away. This had been a really tough year, but winning the state championship had made it fun...especially since this was the school's first championship of any kind.

Lee had lead the team , averaging 30 points a game. She had busted her but, or so the team thought, jumpping so high and running so fast. Now that summer was here, she could tour the country with her dad, a pilot for a small charter airplane company. They had a flight up to Montrael tonight, and she would finally get to see her favorite hockey team play.

"And, on behalf of the seniors, the school, and the rest of the basketball team, I would like to thank Lee Marian for making this year's Lady Warriors the greatest team in school history."

The applause was loud, and Lee just nodded her head in acknowledgment. Now that the speach was over, she could begin enjoying her last 'free' summer. Next year, however, she would be college hunting.

The jacuzzi was nice tonight, Shinobi thought...and these girls would provide an interesting distraction. He hadn't hear from the London branch, but he knew that they had more members in their Inner Circle and may try to take his office away from him. As he pondered who to recruit, the telescreen came to life.

"Ah, Cordellia, to what do I owe this call?" Cordellia Frost, her sister Emma was the White Queen in his dad's court, and while Cordellia may have had simmilar abilities, she lacked that...aura of command and fear that was associated witht eh Hellfire Club.

"Since you rejected my last offering....Mondo, I have someone new, a mutant with multi-abilities."

A new mutant...interresting, but unimportant. This could, however, provide him with an opportunity to get Cor away from him. "Follow this...mutant, and report back to me. Do a good job and I might find a position for you in the Circle." He turned off the monitor, glad that these two females didn't speak English.

The call had come from Anchorage, asking Scott to check on a pilot...but Scott and Jean were gone, so Cable decided to help his great-grandfather Philip and check on the pilot himself. The question was, should he take the team, or not. On one hand, they probably wouldn't be needed, but then again, a relaxing mission/vacation would raise morale...something the team needed after Cannonball graduated and Rictor left. Since he had already hired the pilot, he decided he should take them...maybe it would liven Shatterstar up. He knew not everyone would want to go, so he planned on taking Syren, Warpath, Caliban, and Shatterstar with him.

Lee kinda felt sorry for the bus driver. He had been 'cool' all year long, but, since this was the last day of school, he was getting hit with shaving cream, water balloons, and loud music, most of which he provided for the ride.

As she exited the bus, she and Michelle gave each other a hug, knowing they probably wouldn't see each other again, since Mich was going to college next week.

"Daddy, I'm home!" Lee yelled as she walked in the door. As soon as she walked into the living room, she stopped cold. One of thge people was purple...Purple? "People aren't purple", she thought, "it must be the light."

"Lee, these are our passengers, Nathan Dayspring, Theresa Cassidy, James Proudstar, Caliban Morlock, and Mr. Star"

"Hi", Lee said, running off to change clothes and get ready for the flight. She had already packed and would be ready in a matter of minutes. As she walked to the shower, she heard her 'clients' leave, saying they would meet them at the hanger.

Lee ran down the stairs, not realizing that she was creating quite a breeze, enough to move the pictures on the walls. She also didn't realize that she wasn't touching the ground on the way to the kitchen.

"Did you finish you diagnostics book?" Mr. Marian asked, not noticing that his daughter wasn't touching the floor.

"Yes, daddy. I now know the schematics of the AN-12 Cub that we will be using tonight, as well as our Dragonfly and Bronco. Will I be allowed to fly us back?"

"We'll see. By the way, we are supposed to hear from a representative of Northstar Airways, a Mr. Summers..I believe, at the airport tomorrow. They want us to join them as partners. It seem they have lost some good pilots over the years and are looking to accuire some new ones." He smiled as he said this, his first true smile since mom left him.

"You ready to see the Rangers/Canadiens paly?"

"Can't wait." Mr. Marian replied. He hadn't been to a game in years, but his daughter had really loved the last game the last time.


"CableNathan, can Caliban talk now?" Caliban asked.

"Yes, Caliban, you can talk now." Cable replied. He still couldn't get over how this former 'hound' of Apocalypse was now so child-like.

"CableNathan, Caliban's ability to recognize others like him told Caliban that little girl was like us."

"Great." Cable responded unenthusiastically, "just what we need." They drove away in silence.


After liftoff, Lee got up to check on the passengers. Her dad had brought sodas and chips for everyone, in hopes of impressing both the passengers and the Northstar rep. As she passed them around, she noticed that Mr. Morlock was watching her.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"He was just admiring your shirt," Cable answered," he said he like the colors, but didn't know what team or sport they were for."

"Oh," she said, a little relieved," you don't know the New York Rangers? They are only the greatest team to ever step onto a hockey rink." Seeing Caliban's look of confusion, she started to explain every aspect of the game. Nearing the end of her explaination, she heard the "Lee, report to the cockpit." She excused herself and walked forward, smiling.


Cordellia had managed to get the info on this new mutant and got to Montrael early. She had managed to assemble a few 'helpers' to gather this new mutant. She had even managed to re-activate Warhawk's tap into Cerebro, something that hadn't been accessed since the Hellfire Club's first skirmish with the X-Men, and Cerebro had lots of info on this mutie, except the name and sex. All Cordellia knew was that the mutant was on a private jet coming from New York. "I wonder how Mondo's doing in Emma's school?" she thought.


As she checked her instrument pannel, Lee saw her dad smiling. "What?", she asked jokingly.

"I'm proud of you," he said, "and if we sign on with this new company, I'll make sure you get your own plane."

They started their approach.


"Warpath and Syren really seem to be enjoying the flight, Caliban's looking out the window, even Cable looks relaxed, but I really miss Rictor," Shatterstar thought. "I wish he hadn't left. I really didn't want to come on this flight, but Cable said he had something I would enjoy seeing. Wonder what it is."


"I'm so glad you quit drinking," Jimmy said to Theresa, "it'll help your leadership."

"Hey, that's the kind of thing that Cable would say, not you," she laughingly replied.

"What, can't I be happy for you too?" he asked.

"Please fasten your seat belts, return your chairs to an upright position, and thank you for choosing Maid Marian Airlines," the voice on the intercom said.


After touchdown and taxing to the designated spot, Lee went to the door while her dad went to get everyone's stuff.


Warpath and Syren were the first to exit the plane. As they walked, they talked, so they didn't see the approaching crowd. Jimmy heard the 'click' of thier boots and yelled, "Trouble...3 O'Clock!"

Seeing thier uniforms, reminiscent of the old Hellfire Club grunts, Warpath exploded.

"Great," Syren thought, then yelled "X-Force attack"

Shatterstar, Cable, and Caliban exited the plane through a barrage of gunfire. Shatterstar jumpped up and was caught by Syren, who threw him at the enemy. Cable and Caliban rushed to help Warpath. Caliban knocked out two grunts immediately, while Cable opened fire. Syren used her incredible scream to hammer them from the air.

Cordellia took off, followed by some of the still-conscience soldiers, and Cable ordered X-Force to let them go. Cable went to talk to Mr Marian. "Well, Lyle, I must say that you and your daughter did some good flying. I'm going to tell Mr. Summers, over at Northstar, that I think you would make a great addition to their company."

"you mean..."

"Yes, I was sent by them to check you out, and you passed...congratulations, and sorry about the 'skirmish' afterwards."

Mr. Marian had quit listening after the 'congrats'. He had turnned to tell his daughter the good news and froze as he saw her arm buried under the stairs. He was sure she had been crushed to death. Caliban and Warpath ran over and started to remove the debris, but were knocked back. Lee flew out of the rubble with fear on her face. "Don't let it crush me!!!!" she yelled, then fell out of the sky.

"You might want to send her to a school to help teach her about her abilities," Cable told Mr. Marian.

"I'll talk to her about it, and we'll see. Thank you again, Mr. Dayspring."

"Sure." He turned to everyone, "come on, we've got a hockey game to go to."


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