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Kingsley Vision Statement

The ideal Kingsley School is one where an atmosphere of safety and order help foster the belief among students that they are accepted for who they are personally, emotionally and academically. The school is an exciting and dynamic place where staff and students feel secure, comfortable, and self-confident in their roles.

Teachers, in numbers sufficient to provide quality instruction, are assisted in continually refining and updating their skills and the school's curriculum through the availability of continuing education, staff development, and in service. State-of-the-art technology, and adequate supplies and materials assist with instruction and student learning.

Students take an active part in their education, both academic and personal, and in the process become responsible, resourceful, lifelong learners. Through ongoing assessment, they are continually aware of the expectations for their educational development. Parents of students and the community at large have a serious and prideful involvement in the school that has a direct effect on student achievement.

To the extent that Kingsley School is this, we recognize the need to maintain these high standards. To the extent that it is not, we dedicate ourselves to these goals.

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Kingsley Mission

The mission of Kingsley Elementary is to provide a positive educational experience in a diverse cultural setting where curriculum and teaching strategies maximize student learning through a shared responsibility of school personnel, students, parents and community.

Belief Statements

  • Students reach their potential when they are provided the opportunity and are actively engaged in the learning process.

  • Educators, students, parents and community share in the responsibility for the success of the learner.

  • Integrated multicultural activities increase students' understanding of different people and cultures.

  • An orderly environment will be maintained throughout the building and is the shared responsibility of staff and students.

  • Each student is unique physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Teaching strategies should adapt to meet the needs of each individual student.

  • The school environment is enhanced through frequent, honest, and open communication.

Desired Exit Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate a sense of self-worth and responsibility for his/her place in this world which includes sensitivity to needs of others and appreciation of cultural differences.

  • Students will be proficient in academic skills including language arts skills, math, technology and critical thinking at a level which allows success in middle school.

  • Students will utilize organizational skills, cooperative learning skills and independent work skills while using available resources.

School Goals

  • To continue the emphasis on the goals that have been established for the development of effective and appropriate curriculum and teaching strategies.

  • To support and assist Kingsley students who are identified as being "at risk" under state guidelines.

  • To incorporate the use of technology in a variety of curricular areas.

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District Mission

The mission of the Waterloo Community Schools is to provide the highest quality education involving the entire community, which prepares each student to function successfully throughout life in an increasingly complex world.