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Last updated on Aug. 03.2007


Hello, my name is Lynda Hartley I am 59 soon to be 60 on October 07 and the grand-mother of 9, and great-grand-mother of 9.

I got the inspirition to do this way back in 1992 but it has taken me several years to get even this far. I spent two years from 1992 til 1994 just thinking about it and reading up on my numerology.
Then in 1994 I went to college and spent four and a half years learning how to write and push myself beyond belief.

I graduated in 2000 and have been licking my wounds ever sinse.
This project has been on the back burner for far too long.

I will be bringing Numerology for Children, Poems and Insights to your home
The children's numerology will have many insights into your childs needs
according to the birth name and birth date.

Please continue to view my poems, insights and pages for any updates.

The Universal Currency Converter

Something I found for your enjoyment and intrest. US. currency -VS- World currency.