WolfSpirit Coyote News... Friday, November 22, 1996
     ---- Published, Writen, and typed by T-Wolf Beta LanHunter
Breaking News:
     Today, Memory will become Memory LanHunter, in the first delayed 
ceremony in the Pack's history.  She's been with the pack for MANY 
months, and has been seen to be worth of becomming one of its 
members.  MANY CONGRATS MEMORY (soon-to-be) LANHUNTER!!!
     On a sadder note, today, for several weeks, Bluewolfe LanHunter 
will not be on due to moving and not having a monitor for her computer.
She expects to have a monitor, and new provider in approximately two 
weeks, but it could be several months she says.  Many Howls to you, 
Bluewolfe... we wish you well.  For those of you Interested in 
writing to her, please write to...
          Bluewolfe LanHunter
            c/o Karen Westgate
          607 S. White Sands Blvd. #319
          Alamogordo, NM  88310
    On another sad note, Pack Friend Cheyanne is also moving, 
however, a new address (at press-time) hasn't been found.  Chey... 
good luck in finding a new place.  I hope your new home is as good to 
you as you've been to us!  Glass, if you find any new info.. please 
tell us as soon as possible.
     Okay... you all know what I'm going to talk about.  It's the way 
Blkwolf spells. :)  I have wondered for almost 18 months now how he 
does it.  For the longest time, it was "wolfs" and "hay, cub" :)  
Well, I've done some of the in-depth research I'm famous for... and 
turned up some startling facts.  BLKWOLF IS AN ALIEN!! no.. not 
really.. but the truth is... I have NO idea what's up. :)  So don't 
ask me when you see Cub give you a wierd spelling for anything. :)
     0kay... 1n a ZL1ght1y rel8d st0ry... 1 haV3 t0 say thaT tYpiNg 
l1k3 th1z 1z r3laLly aNnoy1nG.  1t'z kaLLd hAq-sp33K... & 1t haz 
1nF1lTr8d eVEn WolfSpirit. Pl33z3 sToP!! yoU'r3 mak1nG m3 wAnt 
\/\/ar3Z!! 1 aM nOt 31337!! doN'T g1v3 m3 \/\/ar3Z d00dz!!!
     Hmmm... before I close... I just came to a conclusion... 
     Blkspeak = haQspe3k (?) (if you can solve this equation... 
you'll earn my eternal respect and gratitude!!)
Misc BullCrap: :)
     Okay.. you may be wondering why I'd spend the time doing this.  
Well, ever since I was little... I've wanted to write for a 
newspaper.  I even started a school newspaper when I was in fifth 
grade.  Well, being that WS didn't have a newspaper, I figured, it 
was about time we did. I'm thinking of making it an every-Friday 
thing, and, if the response is good enough.. maybe making it a 
feature on the offical WS homepage.  I need your feedback, all.
                                    Dream of the Hunt,
                                    T-Wolf Beta LanHunter.
Misc. Legal Bullcrap:
     This stuff is mine.  Copyrighted 1996, by Mark J "T-Wolf" 
Kusler.  All opinions expressed herein are mine, and mine only, and 
unless otherwise stated, are meant in good humor and good taste.  
Please forward all submissions, compliments, and comments to: 
scarwolf@reocities.com, and all complaints to /dev/null.  Your 
co-operation is appreciated. :)
End Edition 1: Friday, November 22, 1996 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||-------------------------------------------------------------------