William Gordon's Whereaouts William Gordon's Whereaouts
  • William was at a friend's home in the afternoon having dinner
  • William was at Richard Knight's house around the time of the murder
  • Confirmed by a number of witnesses for the defense
  • Joseph Cole: stated that William had accompanied him after meeting him on the road from Providence to his boarding house in Spraguesville within fifteen minutes of sundown (around the time of the murder)
  •  John Gordon's Whereaouts  John Gordon's Whereaouts
    • John was with his mother at Nicholas' house having dinner between the hours of 2:00pm and 4:00pm (time of the murder)
  • Ellen Gordon: stated that John was home during the time of the murder having dinner (her courtroom testimony differed from her original statements made to investigators)
  •   The Coat   The Coat
    • A number of people familiar with Nicholas Gordon could not identify the coat found near the crime scene as belonging to him
  • Confirmed by a number of witnesses for the defense and Tillinghast Almy
  •  John's Wet Boots and Clothes John's Wet Boots and Clothes
    • Wet boots and clothes belonging to John Gordon were found by investigators in his bedroom after he was arrested
    • Blood stains on the shirt found at the Gordon house
    • Bruise on John's face
  • Margaret Gordon(sister): stated that John had fallen in the swamp bringing a turkey home for Christmas dinner; he was drunk; the bruise also came from his fall
  • Ellen Gordon (mother): John worked at Drybrook factory where he would often come home with red "madder" dye on his clothes which resembled blood stains
  •  The Man With A Gun  The Man With A Gun
    • .A man with a gun and wearing a dark frock coat and black hat was seen by at least three other people near the crime scene around the time of the murder
    • John O'Brien pointed out the tracks made by the man to members of the investigating team
  • James Stratton: saw the man from a window in his home for an hour; he did no hunting
  • Francis M'Clockin: saw same man from a window in his home; was taller and stouter than either John or William Gordon; heard a gunshot fifteen minutes later
  • John O'Brien: saw a man standing by an tree near Dyer's Bridge; he drew back when O'Brien saw him


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