Welcome to Kenneth Cole's Javascript Juke Box. This page is just for fun. I am just experimenting with colors, visualizations and audio possibilities. For this page I used a few MIDI files which I borrowed from the Internet. I also utilized a javascript code which I modified for the music selection process. I created the "Javascript Juke Box" animated GIF and the personalized banner using Microsoft Image Composer, Microsoft Photo Editor and Microsoft GIF Animator. I created the background using the same programs and Fractals for Windows. I am currently operating my PC with Win95 OS and using MSIE 4.0 Beta which greatly enhances the MIDI experience.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Every time you revisit or reload this page the Javascript Code randomly chooses a different MIDI tune to play. Do you recognize the tunes? Please email any comments about this page to kcole@isource.net.








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Last Updated:
June 10, 1997