Panu Petteri Höglund


Family name: Höglund
Christian names: Panu Petteri
Date of birth: November 17th 1966
Place of birth: Kalvola
Place of residence: Varkaus
Family relations: Unmarried


Comprehensive school:

Kisapuiston ala-aste 1973 - 1979
Kuoppakankaan yläaste 1979 - 1982

Päiviönsaaren lukio 1982 - 1985

University of Turku 1985 - 1986
Department of Science, Chemistry
Åbo Akademi University:
Department of Science, Chemistry 1986 - 1991 (never completed)
Department of Humanities, Foreign Languages
Majoring in: German Studies
Other Subjects: Polish and Russian
Courses in Nordic languages (Danish etc.)
1991 - 1997 (M.A. completed)

Master's thesis (1996) about Polish-German bilingualism in Horst Bienek's Upper Silesian novels (highest mention, "laudatur")

National University of Ireland, University College Galway 1998 - 1999
stipendiate learning Irish

Doctoral thesis in preparation
Popular book about Ireland's Gaelic traditions in preparation


Finnish: Native speaker
Swedish: Excellent speaking and writing skills
German: Excellent speaking and writing skills
Irish (Gaelic): Excellent writing, good speaking skills
Polish: Good speaking and writing skills
English: Tolerable speaking and writing skills
Modern Icelandic: Tolerable speaking and writing skills
Russian: Tolerable writing and reading, middling speaking and listening skills
Spanish: Advanced learner stage
Maltese: Intermediate learner stage
Czech, Slovak, Upper and Lower Sorbian, Scots Gaelic: Significant passive understanding
Armenian: Intermediate learner stage
Georgian: Elementary learner stage
Azerbaijani: Learning stalled. Only passive competence.
Varying passive understanding of Tagalog and Amharic.


Translator of belles lettres from Icelandic (Like Publishing Helsinki) in 1989, 1991, 1992, 1996
Consecutive interpreter Polish-Finnish in 1993
Working as technical translator 1999-2005:

printing presses and bookbinding machines
environmental technology
forest technology
marine technology
Working as a linguistic consultant since 2006.


Irish Language
Irish Folk Music
German, Polish and Russian Political History in the 20th Century


Dozens of articles since 1991, mostly in Swedish, about Polish, Irish, and Icelandic culture, in Ny Tid (Helsinki), Kulttuurivihkot (Helsinki), Finsk Tidskrift; one article about the philological background of the Lord of the Rings in ETC (Stockholm), in January 2002

Columnist in the Finnish web portal since June 2006