Paingod's History

I am the beast that shouted love at the heart of the world and received only deafening silence in return.  I am not bitter, I am simply realistic.
This page will contain all the vital information about myself. For the moment, I am 33,
soon to be divorced male in search of the meaning of life.  To date the only true meaning I have been able to find is the unconditional love of my son from my first marriage.  His name is Morgan, and he is the only thing I have found in this life worth remaining alive for.
I spend most of my time trying to improve or expand my mind. Of course the Electro Convulsive Therapy has probably cauterized all my memory expansion bays (that was a joke for those of you not used to my sense of humor). I don't know how successful I am at this endeavor, but I certainly have a ton of books to show for it.
I currently work as a secretary for the State of Tennessee as an assistant to the Project Coordinator of the Departmen of Special Education which is a sub-category of the Department of Teaching and Learning.  I am on a Grant that allows me to attend college full-time.  I also am an employee of the university I attend.  The name of the school is Tennessee State University. You can click on the name of the college and it will take you to the opening page of the university's home page.

Below you will find buttons that will take you to either my poetry section, my opinions page, my quotes page, or a gallery of goofy pics of me.