A Note from the Editor

Clarion Fannish
Terry Carr

Aspects and Inclinations
Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden

The Ansible Year in Review
Dave Langford

All My Yesterdays
Harry Warner, Jr.

Visit to a Small Factory
Marc Ortlieb

The Cracked Eye
Gary Hubbard

The Fan in the High Castle
Lilian Edwards, Christina Lake & Simon Ounsley

The Ones Who Walk Away from Melbourne
Cy Chauvin

Trains in the Distance
Bruce Gillespie

Mozart on Morphine
Greg Benford

Over Rough Terrain
Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Manuscript Found in a Coke Can
Linda E. Bushyager

The Last Deadloss Visions
Christopher Priest

An Open Letter to Joanna Russ
Jeanne Gomoll

The Island of Dr. Gernsbach
Arthur Hlavaty & Bernadette Bosky

Edited and published by
Richard Brandt
4740 N. Mesa #108
El Paso, TX 79912
in conjunction with Corflu Ocho, May 1991

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Layout and Production Painstakingly Handcrafted by Roy Anthony

Illustrations by
Teddy Harvia

Front cover by
Teddy Harvia & Peggy Ranson

Back cover
by Teddy Harvia

Thanks, Jerry Kaufman Robert Lichtman, Pat Mueller and Dennis Virzi for their help and advice. I am especially indebted to Andrew Hooper, who first suggested a fanthology as a suitable job for a Corflu.

This publication was made possible in part by a grant from The Fandom Association of Central Texas, Inc. and additional support from The Southern California Institute for Fan Interests, Inc.

Copyright 1991 by Richard Brandt. All rights revert to the contributors upon publication.