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Legend ( photos numbered from top left corner, from left to right )
    Row 1
  1. Col. Qadhafi on 1 September 1969. He is announcing over the radio the triumph of the al-Fateh Revolution.
  2. Col. Qadhafi and other Free Unionist Officers on 3 September 1969.
  3. Col. Qadhafi on horseback, greeting a cheering crowd -- Sebha, 1970.
  4. Col. Qadhafi on horseback.

    Row 2
  5. Col. Qadhafi with children at his camp in the Libyan Desert near Sirte, ca. 1985.
  6. Col. Qadhafi and his wife Safiya prepare for dinner in the patio of their home, 1986.
    (This is the house that was destroyed by U.S. bombs a few weeks later.)
  7. Col. Qadhafi and his family, weeks before the U.S. bombing attack in 1986.
  8. Saadi and Aisha arriving home from school, 1986.

    Row 3
  9. Col. Qadhafi with Baby Hana, May 1985
  10. Col. Qadhafi discussing the Great Man-Made River Project, ca. 1985.
  11. Col. Qadhafi during his visit to Chad, May 1998.
  12. Col. Qadhafi delivering a sermon in the Chadian capital N'djamena at the first Friday prayer after the
    Islamic New Year on May 1, 1998.

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