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"It was at Antioch that the believers were first called Christians"


Antioch is a parish-based ministry of youth to youth. It is for young people from 16 years and older. Antioch is a spiritual program that begins with a weekend experience followed by weekly meetings. It offers youth an ongoing opportunity to listen, discuss and better understand what it means to be a Catholic today.

The aim of Antioch is to help the youth develop a love a Jesus Christ and of His Church through an experience of community - a community where we all youth are welcomed and where the youth can find a supportive and loving environment.


This program was first developed at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana about 1960. Since 1973, it has been adapted for youths of 16 and above age-group and based in parishes. Since then it has gone around the world. There are Antioch communities in Canada, Australia, England, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Malaysia, etc


Antioch came to Singapore via an Australian couple, Keith and Maggie Gill, who were very active in Brisbane. The first church where Antioch started was at the parish of St Francis of Assisi in 1993. In February 1994, they had their Weekend. They reached out to us, the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, and a small group, comprising a parent couple and six youths attended the Weekend. After the Weekend, the second Antioch community was formed at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament on 27 May 94 (that's us!!).

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Well, we have given you a brief idea of what Antioch is and a littleof Antioch in Singapore. In our parish, the Antioch community has had two Weekends. One in February 1995 and another in May/June 1996. In our first Weekend, we reached out to Penang, Malaysia. They sent a total of 20 youths and 4 parent couples. In the second Weekend, the number of participants were much less, but the fun, the sharings we had, the joy of being a community, the spirituality and the closeness to Jesus was all present and more!!

Guess that's about all for now. Try to visit this page next time. We shall attempt to put in news and happenings every month or so. If you have any comments or suggestions or you want to know more about Antioch, drop us a line at the address below.

If you are in the neighbourhood on a Friday evening, , do drop in at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, St John's Room at 7:45 p.m. You'll get to meet and hear (boy will you hear!!) a bunch of people singing and shouting and sharing themselves to one another. That's our Antioch community.

Love and Peace of Jesus Christ be with you!!


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