This program is designed for those who are interested in building a substantial, regenerating income.


§          Simple to Understand and Duplicate

§          Tremendous Rewards for Commitment

§          Ultimate Flexibility



Key Benefits


Buy the product at wholesale

 A leader in Morinda purchases at least one 4-pack case per month, one bottle for personal use, and three to share at retail. 4-pack cases are purchased at the wholesale price of $30.00/bottle ($120.00/4-pack case). Retailing three bottles at the suggested retail price covers the entire cost of the 4-pack case. In this example, you get one FREE bottle of Tahitian Noni® for personal use with every 4-pack case.



IMPORTANT: Your personal volume requirement will never be higher than $120.00, even at the highest qualified rank!



Participate in the Fast Start Bonus

As a Morinda Leader, you may qualify to receive weekly Fast Start Bonuses. Each time a new person is sponsored by you or your 1st or 2nd level personally-sponsored leaders, and commits to the Case Auto Ship Program, you will receive up to 20% of the value of the first case purchase immediately!



Participate in the Top Performer Bonus

Each new Morinda Leader may participate in the Top Performer Bonus. Qualification is simple: Achieve the rank of Jade Leader in your first full month of business following the month you actually sign up. Qualifiers will share an equal portion of 2% of the entire company's sales volume for that month. Don't overlook this bonus. Income from this bonus alone can be very significant, and the full amount will be paid out regardless of how many qualifiers there are.



Receive Royalty Payments On Up To 8 Complete Levels With Roll-Up.

A Morinda Leader qualifies for five complete royalty levels simply by purchasing one 4-pack case of product. Each leader may qualify for additional levels of royalties up to eight maximized levels, as certain qualifications are met.



The following illustration shows the income potential of your 5th level. Let's assume you sponsor only three and they do the same. In this illustration, we'll assume everyone merely purchases one case per month.



Imagine your Income Potential as you qualify for royalties on your 6th, 7th and 8th levels!



1st Lvl.

3 Leaders



2rd Lvl.

9 Leaders



3nd Lvl.

27 Leaders



4th Lvl.

81 Leaders



5th Lvl.



















The Morinda Income Building System


The Morinda system is simple. It begins and ends with the product. Morinda's Tahitian Noni® will develop an emotional bond with people that will be unlike anything else in the industry. Customer loyalty is so difficult these days because everyone has the same products.


Tahitian Noni® is exclusive to Morinda. As individuals are introduced to this unique pure product and Morinda's fair, honest approach to networking, there will develop a lasting bond that will be unlike anything that this industry has ever seen.



The Morinda System is Simple


Ř        Use the Product.


Ř        Tell the Story.


Ř        Sponsor Three Leaders.


Ř        Duplicate the Process


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