The Great "I.T." Field Trip to Marlbourgh

On December 8, 2001 the Junior class and two of their guests traveled with Mr. Fisher (taking the picture) and Mr. Souza to a computer show.  Of we course we needed fuel but there was quite a dispute over McDonalds or Burger King.  Off the first exit we went we could not find a McDonalds but we did find a goat. On the radio (which the kids insisted Mr. Fisher control) was playing the song, "My Girl." The kids sang along changing the words to, "My Goat." However as far as the food, in the end the kids "had it their way."

When they were asked if anyone had more than $100 on them, most of them raised their hands. Mr. Fisher cautioned them about the do's and don'ts when dealing with the vendors at the computer show.

Singing, "My Goat?"

Chris and Renee, isn't a picture worth a 1000 words?

We all needed refueling, so a stop at Friendlys was just the recipe, the kids ate so much, most could not eat their free sundaes so it was arranged that Mr. Fisher would get three extras however even he could not eat that many, so the waitress gave out sundae coupons and most of the kids donated them to a worthy cause, Mr. Fisher. There was a lengthy contest to guess Mr. Fisher's middle name, but they all failed.

These kids were too rich to go on the field trip

They spent all their money on a Limo.

They filled it with chocolate causing a stranger to be tempted to ride with them.

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