Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Burt's Visit, August 14-August 22, 2001

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I went to visit my mother and sister and to experience some of the outdoors. When I was in Austria last year I wound up reading a number of books. I vowed this time to be active enough so the books would be a last resort. I never read a page this time but I imperiled my health several times. Three and 1/2 years ago I was here with Samantha.  Samantha is again in Austria in college in Vienna (the purpose of this page is for me to record my experience so I will not forget it, it it interests you, fine, if not go to another site that has fancy Java script and tables and more). I am in a lot of the pictures because I like to see people in pictures. I can get travelogues anywhere plus there must be some ego involved!

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This is the view from my mother's apartment. I have wanted to climb this mountain for 4 years. So I on the first day I set out to do just that . Weather in Jackson ranges from the low 40s in the morning to low 80s. Humidity is low.

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The mountain looked like it was dried grass and easy to climb. It was far more pebbles, plus Jackson is at 6200 feet so the air is thin. I huffed and puffed. My mother lives in the building just over the hill. I thought this was the top, but when I got here, there was yet another peak.

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About 1800 feet above Jackson, don't I look cool and relaxed? It was a lie. I rested for 10 minutes before I took the picture. By the way, you should not climb alone, without water and with defective sneakers.

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Looks so easy doesn't it? Too bad I decided to take the hard way down

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What is that thing in the distance? This picture gives you a sense of the terrain and angle of climb. If you climb a mountain it is good to look for trails, I will remember that next time!

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This picture does not give my desent its due. It was so steep I could not walk down it, I slid on my butt most of the way down. I was very sore the next day plus my damaged sneakers put a sore on my toe that made walking difficult the next few days.

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