The Black Unicorn Stories

All or these stories have one thing in common, the Black Unicorn...he may be a main character, or just a passing image, but he is there, as always...What do I think of them?

The Black Unicorn --The first Black Unicorn story and beginning of the's the story of an enchanted prince, and the magic of love...What was I thinking?

The Healing Place --The story of a young woman transformed by the magic of the Black Unicorn...What was I thinking?

The Guardian--A fairy-tale of a sorcerer's daughter, a prince, and a Black Unicorn...What was I thinking?

In the Darkened Mirror --The words of a girl whose experience with the Black Unicorn changed her life...What was I thinking?

Never Stop Believing --A story of second chances and the tremendous power of belief...What was I thinking?

The Magic of the Horn --A slightly darker story of the terrific terror the sight of the Black Unicorn can create in an evil mind...What was I thinking?

The Temple of the Black Unicorn--an experiment in the foundations of society...What was I thinking?

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