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The Black Unicorn Chronicles
Links to Other Realities

Do you know of a great web site you think I should visit? Let me know!I promise to come by and if I like it as much as you, I'll add a link here!

Poetry and Fiction Links

Womenfolk Poetry Pages --an intriguing compilation of women writers
AfterImages--an e-zine loaded with great poetry and fiction
POWWOW--Poets on the Web/Writers on the Web
Creative Ooze--an e-zine with some great poetry, prose and visual art.
Grape--Web and classic poetry
Spoken War--poetry with bite
Net Poets Society--poetry from around the web
Desert Star's Unicorn Thoughts--Short stories about Unicorns from around the web
The Story Craft Guild--a fiction paradise...
Member Archive of Poetry

More About Me...

Natalie's World -- The other interests/passions in my life...

Cool Places

212.Net--An interesting site of links, chat and other things (I especially enjoy the question at the top of the page).
Four11--A place to search for folks...
Amazon--An on-line bookstore with more books than you can read in a lifetime and excellant prices...
Digital Bindery--Get web page updates delivered daily!
Mondo Bizarro--anti-censorship news, music news, animation and shockwave.  Now posted at this site- "The  Gooey Element" anti-literature zine.

Places to Drool In

Adrian Paul Places

Adrian Paul - (17 links) Actors --All the Adrian Paul Links you could hope for!

David Duchovny Places

David Duchovny -- All the David Duchovny Links you could hope for!
DDEB3--The David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade--an excellant site for all things Duchovny!

Web Rings to Travel

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Poetry Webring

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