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A little bit about me...

Okay, so you want to know something about me, eh?  Thanks for the interest...  That's me on the left (My brother David behind me, and my mother, Karen beside me)

Name:     Natalie J. Case
Birthdate:    9/13/68
Home:    El Paso, Texas
Work:    In the Aerospace and Defense Industry, Quality Assurance Reporting
Hair:    Red (most of the time, but it's been known to suddenly change colors)
Eyes:    Green
Weight:    Hmmm, bet you thought I was going to tell, didn't you?

Hi, I am Natalie Case, poetess, author, song-writer, daydreamer and soon to be lottery millionaire. I was born in Florida, raised in Upstate New York, and have traveled and rambled around a good part of the country. My writing is my passion...and with any luck, my ticket to a better life.  I don't write for anyone but myself, but I do love it when someone likes my work (who doesn't?).  For a little taste of my opinion of writing, the arts, and education...go here.

For a look into the truly twisted and bizarre world I call my own, and readily invite others to visit, follow me...

Now, I can offer you the opportunity to purchase books through, the world's biggest bookstore!  Just click on an author's name for a list of books I'd recommend.

What do I read?
Author Favorite Book
Katherine Kurtz Anything Deryni (I just can't choose one)
Anne Rice The Vampire Lestat
Stephan R. Donaldson The Mirror of Her Dreams & A Man Rides Through
JRR Tolkien Everything (Who can pick just one?)
Emily Bronte Her Poetry (it sings to me)
Robert Frost All of it...can you tell I have trouble making a decision?
Shakespeare Henry V (bet you thought I'd go for Romeo and Juliet, eh?)
Edgar Allan Poe Poem:  Dreams
Story:  The Purloined Letter
Mary Stewart The Merlin Trilogy


Just about anything, but what's in my CD Player now is:
Jann Arden Living Under June, Happy?
Bee Gees Still Waters
Credence Clearwater Revival Chronicle
Loreena McKennitt the book of secrets
Highlander the Series Soundtrack
Jewel Hands
Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill, Supposed Former Information Junkie
Joan Osborne Relish
Bernadette Peters I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Rod Stewart If We Fall in Love Tonight
Barbra Streisand Higher Ground
Bare Naked Ladies Stunt
MeatLoaf Hits Out of Hell


The most worn out video tapes in my cabinet are:

The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition
Interview with a Vampire   (it is just tooooooo yummmmmy!)
Sister Act  (love Whoopie!)
Ghost (Patrick...what more is there to say?)


The stuff I never miss:
Seventh Heaven okay, so its a little sappy, but the kids are cute and I LOVE Stephen Collins
Buffy the Vampire Slayer a little campy, but it's got real BITE...okay, that WAS bad
Star Trek:Voyager I'm a Star Trek Baby...and I love the strong female characters 
Chicago Hope  a little soapy at times, but all those gorgeous men in one show!!!
Highlander the Series  Adrian Paul...enough said!
ER More good looking men, great stories, fast pace...what more do you need?
Millenium Bizarre, wicked, devious plots and that VOICE!
Profiler More passionate, sexy men...great plots, and characters you can love and hate
Touched By An Angel John Dye...ponytail, suit, Righteous Anger on the Angel of Death!!!  now I need a shower
X-Files Bizarre, wicked, devious plots and David Duchovney!

Want to know anything else? Drop me a note, or travel through these pages...they say a lot about me.

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