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The Short Stories

This collection of works ranges from the fantastical to the mundane...from the unusual to the is a glimpse into other worlds, realms of my imagination, horror or insanity...I let you decide which piece represents which realm...

The Author--A rather strange look at the strange world of the writer...or maybe just a glimpse at mad genius...

Hero--Another look into the peculiar madness of an author

Yessekavel--a science fiction turn into the life of a woman forced into slavery

A Crown of Simple Pleasures--a story about the short comings of being royal...

The Sacrifice --A story about the duty of the crown...

Parting Words --the final honor of royalty...

My Granny--a fairytale of sorts, set in the hills of Upstate New York

Freedom--My first foray into a world of the darker creatures...a tale of modern werewolves

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