Ok guys here's the first one

Down a darkened hall I stride, a fire in my eyes.

At the end, what I seek, you will not find.

And the mask I show, is a thin disguise.

My steps they slow, as I think of what I left behind.

But onward I go, to where the demon flies.

Here's some more

Long night settles and the sound of a lone wolf reaches your ears carried by the fading breeze, you listen for but a moment to his proud song and then he is gone

At night the moon calls to the wandering souls to lead them on to the destination that they seek. As time passes the call may fade but it does not go away and it is not forgotten. You know who they are, they are the ones that step outside and look to the sky. You can see the passion in there eyes and the eternal question, Where would I be today if I had followed you yesterday?

Another day dawns as I stride through another faceless town. So many places I have been and so many more yet to go. They say I am a Wanderer but thats just not true. All I'm really doing is looking for you.

You have a power I cannot describe, with a look my anger melts away. The sound of your voice makes me forget all that have wronged me. Your gentle touch calms the fires raging in my soul. No other has ever done what you can do.

The call is heard, evil stalks the night again. One by one they come with a fire in their eyes. This what we were born to do. To fight, To live, and to die. The fight never ends, many battles have been won and many have been lost. Throughout eternity we have fought. We have fought longer than any other and When the last battle comes and the last song is song, we will lead the final charge. We have been known by many names, the Gray Legion, The Soldiers of Death, The Army of Darkness, but to those that know who we really are we will always be the Pack. Brothers by more than blood.


Strength now, Courage always, Family above all

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