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Para maior glória de Deus, a Editora d'A Hora de São Jerônimo está dando seus primeiros passinhos. Na página da Editora, você pode comprar os programas gravados em CD e o conjunto de todos os folhetos da página de folhetos.

Em breve, com a graça de Deus, teremos também livros e outros materiais de apologética.

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Página de Orações Marianas

Medieval Sourcebook: Maps and Images
Catholic Scholars Online
Catholic Online


Saint Jude Media: Publishers of Catholic Fiction

The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 20th Century - Abbé de Nantes (English/Français)
Missão e insígnias do Bispo - página da Diocese de São José dos Campos
Reason Magazine - facts on gun control
Comunidade São João Apóstolo - São José - SC/BR
Friends of Card. Joseph Ratzinger - English/Italiano
Emaús Web Site
Fifth Annual Pilgrimage for Restoration
Santa Filomena
Catholic Information Center on Internet
Catholic Online
Catholic Information Network - News, Vatican Documents, Mass Readings, Saints, Discussion
e3mil - huge Catholic site
The Nazareth Resource Library
Aquinas Cafe
Doug McManaman's Catholic Philosophy Page
Lux Veritatis: Dedicated to the Philosophy of the Roman Catholic Church
Centre for Thomistic Studies, Sydney, Australia
Thomas Instituut Homepage
Holy Trinity Apologetics Index Page
Christian Order
S.O.S. - Fazendeiro - se você é fazendeiro ou quer aprender mais sobre Reforma Agrária, MST, etc., visite esta página (TFP)
The Augustine Club Archives
Other Resources from the Augustine Club and beyond
The Fathers know best - @ Catholic Answers Patristic quotes on several interesting subjects
CIN - Meditations Before Mass, Romano Guardini
Dom Columba Marmion
Virtual Angel Gallery
Acacia Victorian - Victorian Clip Art - Victorian Angels
Art Gallery: Angels
Catholic Classics Literature Philosophy Saints
Catholic Arts and Culture Books Literature Poetry Museum Gallery Philosophy
Free Celtic Clip art from Ireland, gaelic clipart, Irish
AngelArt Gallery = Art and Angels On the Internet
Harmony Media Home Page
Thesaurus Precum Latinarum
Oratio ante colligationem
Lista de obras - Padre António Vieira
Literatura Brasileira em Meio Eletrônico
Notícias do Milênio
ARMARIA - página em português sobre armas, direito de defesa, legislação, etc.
Phyllis Schlafly Report
Parallel Latin/English Psalter, Home Page
Normas Litúrgicas
Apologética en Español
Livre des sources médiévales
Libro de fuentes medievales
Unravelling Wittgensteins Net - A Christian ThinkTank
Creeds and Confessions (protestant page)
Traditionalist & Schismatic Catholics Index Page
C.S. Lewis: 20th-Century Christian Knight
Evidence against Medjugorje
Nos Bastidores do Reino - Página contendo o livro que o pEdir MaisCedo tirou das livrarias
Patrística (Biblioteca Electrónica Cristiana)
Sacramusic - Portal católico brasileiro
Página do Fernando Gurgel Cefaly Loria
St. Catherine Review
Guia - Bibliotecas Virtuais no Brasil
Nossa Senhora de Todos os Povos - 166 títulos de Nossa Senhora explicados
Catholic Herald - News
Our Lady's Army, a traditional Latin Mass Marian apostolate



The St. Joseph Foundation
Dr.Scott Hahn links page

Toni's Page - em português

100% Catholic

Catholic Biblical Apologetics


Pagina Católica do José Augusto - Entre outras coisas, excelentes artigos de D. Estêvão Bettencourt e do próprio José Augusto

Abortion Procedures, Abortion Counseling, Abortion Photo, Fetal Development

AGNUS DEI - excelente site católico em português

AGNUS DEI - Documentos da Igreja Aqui vc pode achar, entre outras preciosidades, o Concílio de Trento todinho, na língua de Camões e Pe. Marcelo.

Catholic Prayers

Oraciónes a la Virgen María


Religious Image Gallery of Art, on EWTN, of Nativity, Easter, etc

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Web Site

Provida - Página do movimento Pró-vida da Arquidiocese do Rio de Janeiro



Catholic Insight: Up-to-date Catholic Apologetics, Morality, Philosophy

Biblical Foundations International

Global Abortion Figures

Heresy of the Month

Catholic Apologetics: Defending the Roman Catholic Faith against Protestant attacks and others.

Biblical Foundations International

The Case Against Disney

Apologists of St. Francis de Sales

The Monks of Adoration - excellent site, that carries a vast Catholic Directory

Wishing Well Web Page Resources - beautiful Catholic clipart

Montfortian Religious Family - Download the Works of Montfort

Thesaurus Precum Latinarum

IHSV - The Catholic Religion Proved By The Protestant Bible

Ecclesia Militans: The Blessed Virgin Mary

Virgin and Statue Worship


Apologetics for Catholics and Other Christians - Name sez all. Forget about the "Other Christians". They would become Catholics if they read all you'll find there!

First Things Homepage - A good conservative magazine

LADY VIRGIN MARY FLOWER GARDEN MEDIEVAL CATHOLIC FOLKLORE SYMBOLS - A beautiful page on Mary gardens, a beautiful devotion..

Welcome to the Roman Theological Forum  - from there you can go to Living Tradition - Journal of the Roman Theological Forum or to their online Bible course

Latin Liturgy Association

Traditional Latin Mass

List of links to sites containing non canonical texts at wesley.nnc.edu

Noncanonical Homepage at wesley.ncc.edu

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

NT Apocrypha and Commentary

Apocryphal New Testament Writings

Seraphim's Recommended Websites - mostly "Orthodox" and some very good Patristicsites

Christians Answer Muslims Unfortunately it's a talent that is getting more important each day

Apologética Católica: para que los católicos se vuelvan evangélicos, y viceversa...


Bible and Tradition Apologetics Index Page

Justification & Salvation Apologetics Index Page

The Church: Apologetics Index Page - great page

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism: Main Index

Christian Philosophy Made Simple

Reference Materials (Articles and Letters) - Some great stuff.

In Hoc Signo Vinces - Anti-protestant apologetics. Very good indeed.

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IHSV - The Missing Link is Still Missing - Was your grandfather a monkey? I hope not. If you think he was, get a look at that. Beware: it is not a Catholic page.

Fotografía Kirliam - Como contestar a los que dicen que se puede sacar fotografias de la "aura"

Catholic Answers Home Page - A great Apologetics site, with RealAudio daily Apologetics talk-shows, and more.

Mortal Sin - What is a mortal sin?

Catholic Answers' Tracts listed by Topic


CATHOLIC ANSWERS LIVE (RealAudio): Regular Guests

This Rock Magazine

Catholic Biblical Apologetics

The Nazareth Resource Library (J. Akin stuff)

Corunum Catholic Apologetic Web Page

Augustine Club Apologetics Toolkit - Name sez all.

Other Apologetics Pages - Augustine Club's links

Center for Scientific Creation - Do you still believe your good ol' granddaddy was a monkey?! Check out why you shouldn't be talking like that about him!

Home Page: Evolution or 6 Day Creation? The Interactive Bible - If you still believe these monkey stories, read this and throw a monkey-wrench in the Darwininian heresy.

Catholic Apologetics on the Internet

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Envoy Magazine: Catholic Apologetics and Evangelization

O livro que o pEdir MaisCedo conseguiu tirar das livrarias, em que um "pastor" de sua seita conta todos os podres

St. Irenaeus of Lyons: Adversus Haereses

Watchtower Observer - If these "Jehova Witnesses" freaks knock at your door, get them there. Everything people should know about these heretics is there.

Catholic Documents and Apologetic

The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist

Where were Our Lord's nails A study on the Holy Shroud

Catholic Responses to Anti-Catholicism

Le secticide: index du plus important site francophone anti scientologie et anti dianétique.

Religious books on OBI gopher - Some good things, and a lot of bad things

Classic Roman Catholic Sources - St Michael's Depot - Wonderful!... when it works. Keep trying.

Code of Canon Law - Keep trying, it's kind of hard to connect.

CATECHISM OF ST. PIUS X - Keep trying, it's kind of hard to connect.

Off-site Material - Patrology and some other good texts. Saint Michael people's work.  - Keep trying, it's kind of hard to connect.

SUMMA THEOLOGICA - Keep trying, it's kind of hard to connect.

Alabanza's Library Resources

Alabanza's On-line Books

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

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The Ecole Initiative: Index Page

The Ecole Initiative: Early Church Documents

The Ecole Initiative: Topical Index

La Bible de Louis II

Biblioteca Electrónica Cristiana

ARTFL Project: Latin Vulgate Bible Search Form Search the Vulgata; ubi dixit Dominus?

Information on the Orthodox Church - Oriental schismatic page.

The Catholic Reformation

Moral Theology

Medieval and Renaissance Culture: Mega-Links Page

Documentary Sources on Catholic Teaching

Vatican Statements

Magistero pontificio - Questo sito è dedicato alla pubblicazione dei documenti pontifici nella loro traduzione italiana.

Hypertext Book of Hours

Les martyrs chrétiens

Vatican Radio in English

Apocriphal apocalyptic writings

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The Church Fathers

Apocriphal Gospels

The WWW Bible Gateway - Bible searches in a few European Languages, including English.

Catechism and Scriptures - On-line!

Guide to Medieval Christian Spirituality


Itinera Hierosolymitana Crucesignatorum - Inscriptions by the Crusaders

CIN - Virginal Conception Is Biological Fact - statement of His Holiness the Pope John Paul II

The Christifideles Pizza and Theology Society (CPATS) I hate pizza, but it sounds interesting.

The Catholic Goldmine!

Two Thousand Years of Catholic Writings

Catholic Resources on the Net

Catholic Teaching

Unofficial Guide to the Vatican Web Site Very good to locate hard-to-find documents in the Vatican Web site.

The Catholic Encyclopedia - Great!

The Douay-Rheims Bible Home Page


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Welcome to Eternal Word Television Network's Homepage

Search EWTN's Digital Library

The Magisterium: Encyclicals, Catechisms, Papal Documents

Church and Salvation | Examples from Church Teaching

Church and Salvation

Guide to Early Church Documents

Angels - In the catholic Encyclopedia.

New Advent Fathers of the Church - If you're looking for Patrology (study of The Fathers of the Church) - here's a gold mine.

Catholic Supersite: Complete List of Popes

Saint Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica The greatest of all theological compilations.

Sites of the Thomas Instituut


Concilio de Trento En español.

Orthodox Reading - oriental schismatic stuff, mostly good things.

St. Pachomius Library - schismatic oriental site - lots of patrology.

Global Index of St. Pachomius Library - idem.

Local Files - idem

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Biblioteca de São Pacômio; Textos Traduzidos em Português

Santo Arsênio da Capadócia: SALTÉRIO DE BENÇã OS - salmos adequados para cada estado de espírito.

Dogmatic definitions on Grace

Documents of the Roman Catholic Church

Papal Writings

Praticas Dominicais e Estudos Catolicos de Padre Angelo Busnardi - Muito bom!

RC.Net - Index to Encyclicals and Other Papal Documents

Divine Office by hour

Reality - A Synthesis of Thomistic Thought by Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange - Keep trying, it's kind of hard to connect.

Code of Canon Law



Catholicism - Wonderful site.


Notícias do vaticano em português

Catholic Big Words On Line

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Vatican Radio

The "unofficial" Pope John Paul II Page

Cardinal Kung Foundation, an organization that helps Catholics prosecuted by the Communists in China. They are not the only ones; there is also Free the Fathers.

The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 20th Century - Abbé de Nantes home-page. He doesn't like the Pope, not a little bit. He doesn't like the New Cathechism, either.Nevertheless, he obeys.

The Remnant Resistance


Pe. Antonio Carlos Rossi Keller

Roman Catholic Faithful - teaching how to deal with bad bishops.

Catholic - The American Catholic Truth Society Homepage!!


RC Anti-defamation League of Newfoundland

St. John Cantius Church - Parish in Chicago offering the Tridentine Mass. Beautiful.

CICI Home Page - Catholic.Net

Inside the Vatican Magazine

Catholic Periodicals


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Catholic Dispatch Internet Apostolate

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

The American Chesterton Society

The Unofficial Directory of Eastern Catholic Churches in the U.S.

St. Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church [Sites of Interest]


Links dominicains canadiens

Dominicans' Life - Index

Opus Dei

Información General Sobre Congregaciones

The Saint Benedict Center - Spiritual sons of Father Feeney.

Society Of Saint Pius X - Main Page - SSPX, the Priestly Society founded by Msgr. Lefebvre, who has been excommunicated after consecrating illicitly a few bishops. They claim not to be schismatics, but they don't obey the Pope.

(Mostly Schismatic) Priestly Groups

(Mostly schismatic) Churches

The Wanderer - great magazine, more than 100 years old.

Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore

30GIORNI Good magazine in several languages

THE BODY OF SAINT BERNADETTE OF LOURDES - did you know it never decomposed?  - Keep trying, it's kind of hard to connect.

AlaPadre Catholic Corner

The Ecole Initiative: Index of Images - you can find many Saints'images here.

Patron Saints

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Patricia's World Of Catholic Saints And Holy Witnesses

Joseph's Catholic Webatorium - Images

Hail, Mary!

Canto Gregoriano - There is a link for an English version on the same page.

CJFA- Featured Artists - Sacred and not-so-sacred images, including a few of Rubens' masterpieces.


Adoremus: Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy - The biggest liturgical society on Earth!

An interesting article on communion in the hand.

Ecce Mater Dei: Behold the Mother of God

Catholic Online Prayers Menu Page

Catholic Online Saints Home Page - Great! They have a page on St. Therese of Lisieux. It's worth checking it out.

Catholic Online Saints Index

The Catholic Liturgical Library

Catholic Liturgy - all documents and information you could possibly want are here

Jour du Seigneur

Exercícios Espirituais de Santo Inácio de Loyola.

Latin Textbook: Wheelock's Latin (HTML)

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Meeting Christ in the Liturgy

A Treasury of Latin Prayers - A golden treasure, for sure.

The Roman Liturgy

The Holy Mass - beautiful site on Tridentine (Latin) Mass

Ignatius Press -- Looking at the Liturgy: A Critical View of its Contemporary Reform

The Latin Liturgy Association Home Page

Gregorian Chant Home Page - That's it. :)

Latin language studies

Latin Grammar Aid and Wordlist

Prayers in many languages

Eucharistic Miracles

The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano

Alabanza - in English.

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi Web Site - very good Traditional catholic site.

Lingua Latina (aka WinLatin) - latin drills software

Links to the Eucharist: Eucharistic Miracles

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Archbishop: Inside the Power Structure of the American Catholic Church - online book

Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Some good things and a whole lot more of Protestant crap.

J.H.Newman: Mega-Links Page & Quote of the Week

G.K. Chesterton Mega-Links Page & Quote of the Week

G.K. Chesterton Mega-Links Page

Catholic Files - That's it.

In God's Service

Aparitions of the Virgin Mary

Sagrado Coração de Jesus

Prophéties On Line: Bénédictins - Si vous y croyez...

Orthodox Catholic Links - Interesting, but be careful.

Catho Web

Religion - Les liens catholiques de langue française

100% Catholic

Prophéties On Line: Saint Malachie - Si vous y croyez...

Prophéties On Line: Moine de Padoue - Si vous y croyez...

Father Malachi Martin's Home Page

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The Unofficial Home Page of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church

Byzantine Icon Gallery

AlaPadre - A few good things, but it's quite hard to find what you want.


Why Families Should Boycott Disney

Traditional Catholic Internet Apostolate - very good.

Catholic Issues and Facts

Catholic On-Line "On the Web" Index - A comprehensive listing of Catholic sites.

Catholic Online WWW Directory - Links to Marian, Religious Orders and Pro-life Pages

Catholic Home


Traditional Library Page

Via Crucis - With actual photos of Jerusalem.

Church Forum - Página Principal

Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations Can be interesting, if not useful.

Catholic Resources on the Net - Links.


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Catholic World News

The Monk Page - Great idea. A page about monasteries and monastic life. Unfortunately, the author mixes Catholic monasteries with Anglican and "Orthodox" ones.

Links católicos Mn.

Eternal Word Television Network - I don't like television, but it's a good page on the basics of our faith.

THE SEVEN FALLACIES BEHIND "PROJECT 10" - why "gay children and teenagers" do not exist.

Glory to God in the Highest!

Links to GOOD Catholic sites! - That's what they say...

Our Lady of the Rosary Library They support SSPX.

Traditional Catholic reflections

The Papist's Home Page - I've put it here to show how anyone can be a good Catholic. This page belongs to a crazy ex-marine who converted to Catholicism. He wonders why the Vatican doesn't have nuclear weapons, as it has an Army...

Missionaries Of Charity, Order of Mother Theresa - Quite the opposite of the above, and still very much a Catholic...

RIGHT AND WRONG : MADE SIMPLE - Pro-life site. Shocking pictures. If someone you know is thinking about abortion or supports it, get him there. It's absolutely disgusting to see all of this, but it sure teaches a lot!

EPISCOPI VAGANTES - Le site des "petites églises" et des "évêques errants" (non romains) - Des évêques illicites partout!  Attention: ce n'est pas un site catholique, et vouz y trouverez parfois des articles et expressions enjurieux envers le Saint-Père et les disciplines de l'Eglise. De toute façon, les informations à propos des lignes de sucession apostoloque illicites y présentées le font mériter parfois une visite.

Pages sur Mgr Ngo Dinh Thuc - C'est un évêque que a fait des tas de consecrations episcopales illicites - ici vous trouvez les noms des évêques qu'il a faits.

_WTS Roman Catholic Church Resources - Canada

Timo's Christian Clipart Site - Not a Catholic site, but it has a few good things.

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Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet - Some good things and a lot of Protestant crap.

Fr. Finelli's Catholic Page

IHSV - Start Page

IHSV - Traditional Catholic Links

New Advent Catholic Supersite - Nice site.

The Catholic Encyclopedia - Excellent! 1913 Edition. Don't try to find anything about the Charismatic Renewal on it.

OCF Icon Archive

Ad majorem gloriam Dei

Other Catholic Sites

John Henry Cardinal Newman - He was a Protestant. He started to think. He became a Catholic...

National Right to Life - Very good pro-life site.

St. Albert the Great - Links

Mosteiro de São Bento do Rio de Janeiro

St. Philomena Patroness of the Children of Mary

R.I.I.A.L. - Iglesia en la AL

Iglesia Católicos en Internet, La Página de Mario Villalta A.

Shroud of Turin - a.k.a. The Holy Shroud. A beautiful site, designed and conceived by a Jew, who worked with the scientists that proved it to be The Real Thing.

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New Advent

Catholic Tradition, Action & Counter-Revolution Web Page - Rich Freeman's page. Many, many links. He is the moderator of a few very good Catholic mailing lists.

IHS - Great Catholic Links!

The Cool-Ohm Zone

Missão de São José

The Saint and the Dragon - an intemperate Catholic review

The Holy See - Vatican Web-site!

Welcome to The Stepping Stones Homepage - made by a 16 years old convert.

FAMILY-FRIENDLY SITES - Sites you can let your children in.

Catholic Pictures

Mosteiro de S. Bento - Rio de Janeiro - Benedictine Monastery in Rio de janeiro. Beautiful pictures and good links. Novus Ordo Latin Mass.

Arquidiocese de S. Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro, This site will be translated into English soon, I hope. It has great links, including the Bishop's weekly article, whose English version I intend to offer in my page. Great links, and not all of them in Portuguese. You can also check the ugliest Cathedral in the whole world. What does it look like? A Mayan temple or a beehive?

Catedral do Rio de Janeiro - a catedral mais feia do mundo.

Comunidade São Francisco de Assis - Pirassununga - SP - Brasil

CNBB - Brazilian (left-wing) National Conference of Bishops

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Igreja Católica Apostólica Romana

Agência Ecclesia

Mundo Católico

banda Rosa Mystica - a serviço da Música Católica

Os protestantes e Nossa Senhora - o Manifesto de Dresden

La Iglesia que habla y reza en castellano

Enlaces en español - MVC Page.


Tu es Petrus

Handmaids of Our Lady - a new religious order, old style

Second Exodus Home Page
Firmes na Fe' - página excelente, em português

Saint Jerome's works online - keep trying, it's often hard to connect to this site.

Doctors of the Church - keep trying, it's often hard to connect to this site.

Scholastic Roman Catholic Theology

New Advent - The Catholic Encyclopedia and much more


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Good Catholic Links from The Catholic Dispatch

Kyrios Software - Software

Free Downloads


The Roman Catholic Faithful's Press Release Menu and A FEW BLUNT WORDS TO CATHOLICS about their mission

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

Documents about Medjugorje

SSPX Agenda

Outline of illicit priesthood


Bible Gateway - Latin Vulgate- Search the Bible in seven languages and multiple Bible Versions

ARTFL Project: Latin Vulgate Bible Search Form

Code of Canon Law

Associação Cultural Montfort - página excelente, em português. Muitos documentos da Igreja, estudos, etc.

C.I.E.L. : centre catholique d'études historiques, théologiques et canoniques sur le rite romain traditionnel

Traditional Catholic Reflections & Reports

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TCR Geo-Political News of Note

Adoremus Bulletin Article Index

Catholic Doctrinal Concordance

St. Austin Press: Links

Inside China Today - - Campaign Against Catholics In China-Vatican Agency

Eglise Gallicane - cismáticos franceses

Orações do Cristão


Busca Católica - O Maior Portal de Busca da Comunidade Católica Brasileira

Filhos da Mãe - uma banda carismática. O nome é tão absurdo que botei aqui. :)

The Charles de Nunzio Review (Home Page)

! The Undeniable Holocaust: A Pictorial Archive of Nazi Atrocities


ZENIT - The World Seen From Rome

Canto Gregoriano

Catholic Answers: What's New

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A Hora de São Jerônimo - minha página, modéstia à parte

Valdemar W. Setzer - um sujeito que não é católico, mas que tem opiniões interessantes sobre crianças, TV e computadores.

EL PALMAR DE TROYA - uma seita alucinada na Espanha, que "elegeu" um "Papa" sodomita. Veja como é a cara do "Capitão Gay". Revoltante. :(


Agentes de Información Religiosa - Página sobre a seita-cheque do pEdir MaisCedo

Capela - capelinha cismática em Niterói. Tem alguns textos muito interessantes.

Jornal O Indivíduo - Excelente jornal de pensamento, feito por discípulos do Olavo de Carvalho

Televangelism: Power & Politics

The Catholic Liturgical Library

The Roman Ritual (Rituale Romanum 1964) - in English at EWTN

A complete list of Popes

CTAC - Catholic Tradition, Action and Counter-Revolution - Rich Freeman's apostolate.
Great, and starts wih a beautiful picture of my hometown's statue of Our Lord.

Nuntii Latini - notícias em latim/news in Latin

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Páginas d'A Hora de São Jerônimo