Xi'an: Home of the First Emperor of China and the Pan-Liang

7000 life-size, uniqueTerracotta Warriors, with Kneeling Archer display, buried with the First Chinese Emperor Qin Shihuangdi (221-210 BCE), are at the Xi'an Archaeolgical Site and Museum. Qin Shihuangdi initiated the unification and expansion of the Great Wall along with China itself. (Badaling section of the wall shown here.)

Bronze, Pan-Liang, c. 221 BCE. Obverse: Chinese Characters for 1/2 and Ounce

[Robinson, The Celator, 9/98, pp.20-21]


Q: What is the numismatic significance of the Pan-Liang?

A: The Pan-Liang is of the first empire-wide standardized round coinage of China -- issued by the First Emperor, who ended knife and spade coinage. [Robinson, The Celator, 9/98, p.20]

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