Metapontion, the Ancient Agora and Demeter's Nomos

Shown above is the Agora Wall near the Sanctuary of Apollo Lycaeus, and the surrounding grain fields of Metapontion, Ancient Lucania. Known today as Metaponto, this area was originally settled in the 7th C. BCE by colonists from Greece -- probably from Pylos in the Peloponnesus. After his expulsion from Croton, Pythagoras moved his school to Metapontion where he died in 497 BCE. His burial place here was visited by the ancients. [Hornblower and Spawforth, Classical Civilization, 1998, pp.583-584]

Silver Nomos, 325-280 BCE. Reverse: META left, barley ear of seven grains; bucranium above leaf.

Obverse: Wreathed 3/4 facing head of Demeter, necklace and earings. [Johnston C2.3]

Q: As may be implied by the images of Metapontion's coinage, have temples to Demeter or Persephone been located near the Sanctuary of Apollo?

A: To my knowledge, such sites have not been found or verified; however, a Temple to Hera is located within 4 kilometers.

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