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Date: Wednesday, December 2, 1998
Time: 11:18 PM EST
Submitted by: Linda Coyle
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Comment: Hi! I'm surfing Geocities homeschool sites and found yours! Still looking around....looks nice. Come visit our families' sites...I've built mine to help homeschoolers...also I have tips from my personal experiences there too. My daughter's site is a kid-safe site and contains some of her original creative writing and drawing. My husband has an inspirational site you may enjoy.

Date: Tuesday, December 1, 1998
Time: 8:28 PM EST
Submitted by: MaryAlice Sears
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Comment: not yet

Date: Monday, November 30, 1998
Time: 1:30 AM EST
Submitted by: Carole Jeanne Strahl
How Find?: Webring
Comment: Have only glanced at your website and bookmarks some of your sources. I will be back - Peace of Christ and Blessings of the Season be with your family

Date: Sunday, November 29, 1998
Time: 8:35 AM EST
Submitted by: Sheryl Evans
Subject: Guestbook
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Comment: None

Date: Saturday, November 21, 1998
Submitted by: Mrs Sharon Kane
Subject: Guestbook
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Comment: Thank you for your webpage. I am currently in the planning stage for homeschool Kindergarten.
Date: Wednesday, November 11, 1998
Time: 8:40 PM EST
Submitted by: Michelle
Homepage: none
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Comment: Your site is so helpful. I'm going to read through more of it now.