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Exploring the Sacred through the Ancient Goddess Isis

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Note to all: May Isis spread Her wings of protection over all of us at this challenging time. Set has slipped out of his chains and the forces of violence and oppression are running wild. Osiris the Beloved, the Good, the Beautiful Being, has again been torn asunder into a thousand times a thousand times a thousand pieces; Isis, gather us together, make Osiris, and us, whole once more. Great Isis, whose successor on Sicily is Saint Agatha, patroness of firefighters, please bless and protect all those, policemen, firemen, emergency workers of all kinds, and the unsung citizens who have lost their lives fighting to help and protect us. Isis, Great Physician, guide the hands and minds of our medical personnel as they strive to heal. Isis, Great Queen, Isis, guide our leaders to take right action in this time of challenge. Isis, great Goddess, goddess of the throne, protect and strengthen this nation which gives so many of your modern followers the freedom to live and believe as we will. Isis, Leader of Armies, if there is no better way, may those sworn to protect us by force of arms be wise, strong, and unerring in their conquest of our enemies. Isis, bless us all; comfort those who sorrow, those who have lost their loved ones as You have, those who are injured, those who are weary. Isis, divine Mother, please reach down and hold the hands of your children, who are all of us.


At this time, all of those whose hearts are attuned toward Light, toward balance and goodness, and of whatever faith born or chosen, all are needed to help heal and protect. Please take time to imagine a great sphere of light radiating out over the United States, protecting all within it in safety, protecting from all dangers, both without or within, saturating the land with divine love, awareness, and watchfulness. Imagine it as impenetrable and functioning and then leave the image to do its work. The forces of chaos can not and will not triumph. The Isis Victrix rite which follows I wrote a number of years ago, but it seems all too apt tonight. Draw a circle of light around you or what you wish to protect. If the danger or distress is associated with a specific direction, face that direction and say the following. You may substitute "us" for "me": I call on the Light of Isis and the power of Isis to protect me and mine; From all things of darkness, From all manner of unjust attack. Those who mean me harm, You shall not pass this barrier! Those who cause me pain, You cannot pass this barrier! The Light of Isis stops you! The Power of Isis stops you! I glow with the Light of Isis! I speak with the Power of Isis! No evil shall pass, no evil shall enter! Isis stands by me, She raises the copper harpoon! She is my protector! She battles for me! Isis the Ever-victorious, She battles for me! Horus stands by me, he raises the copper harpoon! He is my protector! He battles for me! Horus the Great Warrior, he battles for me! You shall halt, you shall cease your attacks, You shall lose this unjust battle against me! Your weapons shall fail you, your weapons shall turn against you! Isis is my protector, She battles for me! Horus is my protector, he battles for me! She of the Ten Thousand Names, Protects me in Ten Thousand Ways. Isis is my protector and She shall overcome you! Horus is my protector and he shall overcome you! Be gone! Be away! Clap your hands to end this rite. Eat a light snack to calm yourself, or follow it with a purification shower.

I am gathering together additional information on this page, including attunement times and commentary: CrIsis Page.

Earlier CrIsis Page material is found here, in the Archive

Below is the material normally found on this page.

Welcome to the Mysteries of Isis homepage, a sacred space on the Web dedicated to Isis.
As a Goddess of light, communication, and energy, what better place for Her to be?

You can also order the book "The Mysteries of Isis" through the Isiscraft Catalog or from most online and offline bookstores. I am also pleased to announce that a hardcover Russian edition of the book came out this year, joining the Italian hardcover version. In 2002 Czechoslovakian and Portuguese versions were published.

My Egyptian Scarab Oracle is available from Llewellyn. This is an expansion of the divination system given in Mysteries of Isis and includes thirty adorable scarabs designed by Kerigwen in lapis blue and gold, a pouch, and a book including greatly expanded meanings, layouts, and information on Egyptian divination. The book is available separately as well, under the title "Sacred Scarabs for Divination and Personal Power" for all of those who have made, or would like to make, their own scarab divination set to go with it. It's also available through the Isiscraft catalog and all major on-line booksellers such as Amazon (but remember your independent metaphysical bookstore would like to see you occasionally!)

I also had the honor of contributing to an anthology of Isis poetry - "Isis Rising", edited by Denise Dumars. See her webpage for details on this book and its associated readings and events. Isis Rising Webpage.

I've posted an article, "When Isis Throws the Switch". Spiritual world seem upside down? This may be why.

Isis is definitely rising -again- from the waters off of the coast near Alexandria. Images of Her unfortunately headless but beautifully sculpted statue have been shown in the media all over the world. Thanks to Emmachia, TOI/FOI priestess and secretary of the Military Pagan Network and Jim N. for sending along some great links and information.

This is after an image of Isis at a temple of Isis at Karanis, Egypt. The resemblance to later Eastern Orthodox icons of the Virgin Mary is striking. Copyright deTraci Regula 2000

The last time Isis rose from the waters so dramatically was with the restoration of the Philae Temple, which roughly corresponded with the renaissance in the worship of Isis. Like Philae, this healing temple area was in use until very late times, even making private arrangements with the local Christian authorities to continue to worship unmolested...for a time, until it was finally driven underground. What will come from this new rebirth? What should come from this new re-emergence?

Excavator Franck Goddio's site alexandrie1.htmMore on the discovery

Article from the Herald.

ABC News

Account from Arabic News.

Here is a (very!) little chant, created while passing the waiting lobby at a local hospital. This is best using the "ee-zus" or "ee-sus" pronunciation of Isis rather than the more common "I-sis". Say it several times and it has an interesting effect of tickling the third eye:

Ease us, Isis,
Ease us all

Want to know more about Isis? Contact me directly at the email address below for information about my correspondence courses and classes on Isis.

I am always pleased to try to answer your questions on Isis and her worship. Email me at
If you don't want your question or your name mentioned here, let me know.

Sarapis, always a favorite of mine, and in some ways the most potent and individual among Isis's husbands, consorts, and companions, has been making His presence known lately. Here's a watercolor I did recently after a marble head I saw in the Museum of London.

A couple of recent questions:

"Life after death. I was wondering what your beliefs are in this area? Do your beliefs fit in with the ancient Egyptian beliefs or are they more modernized? I hope that I'm not putting you on the spot by asking this question but I would really like know what you think. W.M."

You don't ask the EASY questions and that's one reason I enjoy our correspondence.

This is a vast question and one which I'll answer with the most truncated version I can come up with -

1. I believe that existence is eternal and that our lives are part of this greater existence, that we "are" before birth and after death.

2. I believe that there is a cosmic recycling of "souls"; that we do transmute, reincarnate, fragment, rejoin, etc., not always following one strict process, (and, for that matter, not always working perfectly, either) and that this can be independent of any religious belief.

3. Our religious practices and expectations DO color what we experience. Our spiritual evolution or capacity also influences what we experience, pre-life and post-death, and this spiritual "capacity" changes as a result of our practices and experiences...generally enlarging and increasing but sometimes suffering setbacks.

4. The Egyptian system, at its best, was a highly refined and defined one and those going through its post-death experiences probably had -and have- nicely interesting afterlives. Even the Egyptian system, of course, spoke of the "second death" which was the point where the soul left the underworld, either for reincarnation (vaguely hinted at in Egyptian sources, more developed in Greek sources working from Egyptian originals) or into another state, place, condition. The Tibetan system still active today is another example of a well-refined and defined afterlife, and some of their post-death guidance is much more specific than the Egyptian survivals.

Do we need a faith to guide us through the afterlife? Well, that depends. Things will happen to "process" us either way, and to be "processed" by a familiar faith is probably more comforting. Similar to traveling to an unknown country with a tour group or traveling as an independent traveler - different rewards, different experiences, different risks. (At my own (so far only) moment of believing myself to be near to death, I was fervently "calling ahead" to let Isis know of my imminent arrival).

Re: me, I believe in reincarnation six days a week, and on the seventh, see it as an interesting metaphor for a very complex experience and concept. -deTraci


A question for anyone/everyone: have you ever worked with the "Isis-face" crystals? I saw a beautiful example of one of them recently at a gem faire, and I would be interested in your experiences. The "Isis-face" is an uneven five pointed face, with a flat bottom, and then unequal slanted sides which join two sides forming a steep-sided peak. While Isis has been associated with five-sided forms and the triangle, I don't see any obvious reason why this particular form is associated with, or just called after, Isis. I was told that crystal faces shaped like this have been called "Isis faces" for at least a hundred years. Any ideas or references? -deTraci

New! Isis Links Page. Just beginning - send me your suggestions.

Men and the Worship of Isis
Isis calls to both men and women. If your heart is open to Her, She doesn't care what sex you are. Previously published in the Llewellyn Magical Almanac.

- Who Put the Hiss in Isisss?
Here's the text of a presentation I did at the Isis Oasis Convocation 1998.

- Dealing with the Loss of Faith
Feeling as if your faith is not as strong as it was? Look here for some suggestions on surviving the ups and downs of our spiritual lives.

Am I a Monotheist?
Musings on whether the One is truly All, and what it means to me.

Winged Isis, who wafts light and life-giving breezes from her wings.

A Few Words on Isis

Isis calls to all who share her vision of the universe. Once called, some of us answer, and, with that answer, begins an amazing relationship between the human and the divine. Because Isis does not only call; she answers. One of her ancient titles is Epekoos, the One who Hears, the one who responds to the needs and prayers of her worshippers and, as I see it, her allies.

The divine spirit of Isis reaches through and to all things. She is a divinity who enjoys simplicity and complexity, science and art, feeling and intellect. There is nothing in you that does not find a parallel in Isis -you don't need to stop thinking, stop questioning, to stop loving or stop yearning, to turn off any part of your mind, body, soul, or spirit.

But she does ask one thing. Whatever is purely you, not damaged or limited by the conditions of your life or lives on this plane, but your true essence, the spark of divinity within us all, she exalts. She asks that you thrive, that you grow, that you become strong, that you become more purely an expression of your own divine spirit. Isis is not threatened by strength, by intelligence, by sexuality, by any human trait. Her divinity is big enough to contain us all.

When we are faltering in our own steps toward spiritual wholeness, she will bend to us like the Divine Mother she she will when we behave like fretful children or rebellious teenagers, though attracting Her attention at those moments may be painful. When we serve her as priests and priestesses, she will serve us as a responsive, guiding deity eager to see us functioning in the great Temple of the Universe. If we give her love, she will respond to us with love. And when the conditions of this imperfect world impinge on our inner, eternal knowledge of spirit, she will comfort us and guide us back on the Path.

If this path speaks to you, if you feel the inner resonance at the very Name of Isis, I believe that your journey in her company will be a long and richly rewarding one.

May the blessings of Isis in All Her Names be with you all.

This was written in response to a request by Tim Laughrin for an event he hosted, and is posted here at his suggestion.

Quote of Note:

From Festugiere's Personal Religion Among the Greeks, on Lucius' devotion to Isis: "He felt himself loved. He loved in return. It was because of these things that he found in the contemplation of his Goddess an ineffable joy."

Here's a couple of ways to help enhance your resonance with Isis:

Morning Chant to Isis

Do this morning rite each day. Light a candle and incense if possible.

Awake, awake, awake in peace
Goddess of light and grace
Awake, awake, awaken me
Heal my heart, set me free

The Shield of Isis

The Shield of Isis is a simple, fast invocation to call upon the protection of Isis.
It is very specific in its use, and very potent in its results. Here's how to use it.

When confronted with a fearful situation, say to yourself "I need the Shield of Isis".

A fearful situation can be anything that causes you legitimate anxiety at that moment; this is NOT a general protection rite. It is intended for emergencies or situations that seem potentially dangerous. It is also acceptable to use it in situations where you feel as if your environment is out of control, or that the energy or "vibe" is just not good.

After you have said the words "I need the Shield of Isis", if the shield is truly necessary, you will feel that it has "clicked in". From that moment on, be very alert to your inner voice. You may receive a clear instruction, such as "Before entering the intersection, look both ways" or something equally mundane. Listen and ACT on the information you are given.

When the dangerous situation or fearful feeling has passed, say "Thank you." out loud.

This seems simple, but it is very, very powerful.

New Quarterly Journal

The Temple of Isis headquartered at the Isis Oasis in Geyserville, California, is publishing a quarterly magazine called "Oasis". Issues include articles by Mary Greer, myself, Temple of Isis foundress Loreon Vigné, and many other contributors. There is also an informative booklet about the Temple of Isis, which is a federally-recognized church affiliated with the Fellowship of Isis. "Oasis" is $5.00 per issue or $20.00 for a year's subscription, and we need subscribers to keep this publication in print. The Temple of Isis information booklet is $3.00. The address is Isis Oasis, 20889 Geyserville Ave., Geyserville, CA 95441

Ploiaphesia Song

The Ploiaphesia on March Fifth was the opening of the season of navigation in the ancient world. The Ship of Isis was launched with a colorful procession and ceremony. Here is an evolving songpoem about a modern man touching on an ancient past life.

Two thousand years ago
In a port I once did know
Down to the shore we did proceed
For Isis and her Ploiaphesia

Do you remember
The priests and priestesses filing past
The strange costumes, even a clown
How he did make us laugh

Watching the sunlight flash from the mirrors
Catching a glimpse of the goddess glorious
And the holy vessel of Osiris

Down at the sea the ship was gleaming
Incense, eggs, for all the sacred cleaning
I squinted to read holy symbols on the sail
Then arose a gentle gale

Into the sea the goddess took her vessel
In the breeze we felt her wings dip to bless all
Another year of good sailing beckons
From the goddess whom we depend on

Then one year the boat sailed no more
Set aside by the victors of a holy war
Under other colors she'd sail again
But for now, Isis was forgotten by sailing men

Two thousand years are past
To Isis I've returned at last
Now on the day of Ploiaphesia
I light a new candle far from the sea

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Apuleius' Metamorphoses - Book XI
Complete text from Adlington's 1566 translation. Elizabethan English is a bit hard to follow, but here's the "Isis Chapter" from Apuleius via Martin Guy.

Official Egyptian travel site with some words about Isis.

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Read about this project to restore the Library of Alexandria.

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Isis Oasis Convocation 2002
All about this wonderful annual October event, featuring many delightful Isian guests including Olivia Robertson, co-foundress of the Fellowship of Isis, held at Loreon Vigne's lovely Oasis in the Northern California wine country.

Past Quotes of Note:
"Over the years Isis Oasis has attracted many...they come each year in the thousands...enchanted by the Goddess energy that imbues the whole place...She is tapping many on the shoulder with instructions to bring peace, love, and ecological sanity back to our planet -- before it is too late.

"So, looking back, I now know why I was guided on the path I chose: the Goddess made me do it!" Loreon Vigne, foundress of the Temple of Isis and facilitator of the Isis Oasis in Geyserville, California.

Temple of Isis at the Isis Oasis, Geyserville, California.

From Budge, via TourEgypt's guide to the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt: "...we have seen that she possesses the powers of a water goddess, an earth goddess, a corn goddess, a star goddess, a queen of the Underworld, and a woman, and that she united in herself one or more of the attributes of all the goddesses of Egypt known to us."

From the closing paragraph of R.E. Witt's outstanding "Isis in the Ancient World" (originally published as "Isis in the Graeco-Roman World): We do well, therefore, to see her steadily and to see her whole -- Isis, the great ruler of the Graeco-Roman world, ever active and magical with her gifts of knowledge, power and wisdom, the eternal mainspring of men's deepest faith, hope, hope and love.

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