Topic for FINA A575

Jean Lindsay

Subject: The Mausoleum of Theoderic the Ostrogoth,
Ravenna, Italy (ca. 520-525 CE)

In this project, we will endeavor to find sources dealing with this mausoleum. The primary focus of the study will be on typological sources for the building, but the socio-political environment of this period will also be examined. One of my primary interests is the interaction between Roman and non-Roman peoples from the fourth to the sixth centuries, and this will be reflected in my bibliography. I intend to seek sources through OCLC/RLIN, IO, BHA/RILA, the World Wide Web, my personal library, and any other sources about which we learn subsequently. This search will be as exhaustive as possible, although some of the literature (in Eastern European languages) may not be accessible for me. This process will hopefully lay a foundation for a future thesis project.

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See this page for images of the mausoleum.

More information on the mausoleum can be found here.

More on Theoderic

For more information on Theoderic, please have a look at these sites:
Theodoric the Great, by Mark Furnival.
Letters of Theodoric, from the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
Jordanes: Theodoric, King of the Ostrogoths, also from the Sourcebook.
Theoderic the Great, by Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester (Susan Carroll-Clark).

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