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The books listed here are hand picked from the millions of books available at I have personally gone through most of the books; in the case of the others, I have read other books by the same author. This is the main reason for the small number of books listed here. The books and authors listed here rate very high in my judgement.

Currently there are six shelves of books here. If several editions of a book are available, the latest edition at the time of compiling this list is listed. Wherever applicable and available, both hardcover and paperback editions of a book are listed. Please feel free to send a mail to if you have any suggestions to make this arrangement better.

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Indian scriptures
Books for a major medium for communication of thoughts. It is a window to the wisdom of the past. These scriptures form the fountain-head of the wisdom of vedanta. Most of the scriptures are originally in Sanskrit. The translations are normally coloured by the translator. Care has been taken to include only books which preserve the original spirit to a great extent.

Vedanta in general
Vedanta is the basis of modern Hinduism (post Sankara period, which starts from about 700 A.D). Vedanta has been recognised by several philosophers and religious leaders all over the world as one of the most logical and practical philosophical systems. The beauty of Vedanta is the synthesis of the metaphysical concept of "God" and the "God" on whom all moral and ethical principles are centered. Still, Vedanta even allows atheists in its fold. You have to know it to appreciate it. You are welcome to this grand system of philosophy.

Vedanta in practice
This is a speciality of the Indian philosophy and religion. It does not stop with mere intellectual discussions. It gives you ways to try the philosophy for yourself.

Vedanta and other schools
Vedanta deals with the fundamental principles of spriritual life. So, it is no wonder that it is able to accept and even explain various other philosophical and religious systems.

Biographies and anecdotes
The best way to understand the philosophy of a person is to look into the person's life. Incidents from his/her life speak more about what the person tries to convey through words. These biographies have been picked up in this spirit.

History, society and culture
The ideas of history, society and culture give the kind of environment in which the philosophy naturally developed. This knowledge is very important to understand a school of thought, and adapt and apply it elsewhere. These books are given here provide this background.

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