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Hi, I'm Stefano Bianchi and I'm 22. I live in Rome, Italy, and study Physics at Università di Roma 3. Collecting tons of useful addresses inside the Web, I had the idea to organize them as a planetary system, associating each planet with a theme which might be somewhat "similar" to it. I tried to give an explanation for my choices, but I don't think they're so convincing :^)
BTW : just feel free to travel among "my" planets : they're good for everyone and they're so much closer than their real counterparts! ;^) Enjoy the trip!
A final word : please forgive me for the never-ending "work in progress" on this page!
Just click on the planet you wish to visit and find what it hides!
These are the active links by now :

Sun ( Computer & Internet ) - Mercury ( News ) - Venus ( Art ) - Jupiter ( Science ) - Saturn ( Music ) - Moon ( Literature )
Do you like this wonderful planetary map? Then go to Uranus ( link to Planet3D ) It's FREE!!!

I know that relative dimensions and distances between the planets are false ( after all, I'm studying Physics! ), but that's a fictitious solar system, so.... don't bother me! :^)

This Featured Sites of Athens site is owned by Stefano.

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