Celtic Genealogy

and a little bit of non-celtic too

Hi, and welcome to the celtic genealogy page of Ken and Shannon Pfrenger. Hope we can be of use to you searching for your ancestors. this page will consist mostly of links, tips and tidbits for celtic genealogy. Good hunting. If I can be of any help to you please let me know. I will be adding a whole lot to this site soon so keep posted and come back often. Visit my homepage:HERE

Links to other sites on the Web

the absolute biggest genealogy site on the web
Scottish genealogy from The Great Hall
Hall Of names...nice site to find the origins of names
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Line of Heremon...ancient genealogy of the celts and other cultures
Clan McLaughlin Association
Forbes Clan
Clan Drummond
Irish Ancestry And History Research
Anglo-Scottish Border Clans
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Irish Genealogy From Uasal
O'Lochlainns Irish Families
Directory of Royal Genealogical Data
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Clan Scott Links

Ancient History Of The Distinguished Surname Scott
Clan Scott Society Info
Clan Scott Unofficial Page
SCOTT Family Lines
Scott Family Genealogy Forum
Scott Family History

I have had a good go at finding my celtic roots through these and other resources. I have been able to trace my family line back to the prechristian era in the British Isles. I wish you all the same luck I have had. hope you find a few new relatives out there.

1997 cinaet@onecom.com

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