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For those that don't know who I am, I'm an author of a series called "The Watching Trilogy", as well as several other short, yet to be "published" stories. Erotic Romance is the genre I'm currently playing in. In the near future, look into it in more detail. I intend to post detailed character sketches, and perhaps even a picture or two. We'll see what happens!


Book Three Update
Slowly but surely, I think it's coming together. I still have little idea when it'll be released, but I'm sure it'll be interesting, at least. :)
Sorry, but have been working my tail off. Haven't ebn able to work in the last few weeks. It's money or write or sleep, folks, and I need the 6 hours I'm getting now. :p

(Last updated December 30, 1998)

Book Three is currently at: 3,633 lines.

Who knows how long it'll be in the end. :) Hopefully long.

Watching Book One
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