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space ADLER, PATTI & PETER: Kids May Be Getting the Wrong Message From Cliques. Interview from September 1996 Colorado Alumnus. To understand how Nazi Germany happened, we should understand the training early grouping by cliques provides.
Atop the elementary school hierarchy is the popular group, roughly 30 percent of the kids, ringed by "a group of wanabees who are sucked into the popular group occasionally." Below them is another group of kids who tend to be in small friendship circles, not part of the "in" group, constituting roughly 50 percent. At the very bottom are social isolates-"a couple in every grade."

space ANDERSON, ERIC: Unschooling Undefined "What, specifically, is it about schools that unschoolers want to do without.?"
space AAXON, KALEB: The Problem With Vouchers. When government provides the money for education, governments regulate the schools.
space A BUNDAY, KARL: School is Dead: Reading Instruction. Look-say reading instruction besides teaching children that reading is difficult and or boring, is based on the false assumption that reading comes as naturally as speech.
space A BUNDAY, KARL: School is Dead: Schools and Crime FAQ.Horace Mann thought schools would reduce incarceration rates. De Tocqueville (19 C) wondered if our increasing prison population might not be caused by compulsory school attendance.
space CARDIFF, CHRIS: Education: What About the Poor? From The Freeman. With Americans working from January to May just to pay their taxes, it would be no wonder if charitable giving vanished. It hasn't, but imagine how much more money there would be -- not only for parents to send their own children to the private schools of their choice, but for currently overtaxed individuals and corporations to provide scholarship funds -- if the massive amount of our taxes allotted to schools were suddenly restored to the taxpayers.
spaceCARDIFF, CHRIS: The Seduction of Homeschooling Families. From The Freeman. If you succumb to the temptation of government perks for your so-called homeschool you're undermining the right of the rest of us to homeschool.
space COULSON, ANDREW: Markets Versus Monopolies in Education: The historical evidence. From Education Policy Analysis Archives, 6/96.
spaceCOULSON, ANDREW: Why We Should Consider Alternatives to Government Schooling, from the Cato Institute. History of education expert Andrew Coulson shows the many reasons for competitive (I.E. not government run tax funded) schools.
spaceDOBSON, LINDA: A Conversation With Linda Dobson, an interview with Peter Blackshear. Linda talks about the meaning of education and how schooling refers not to learning but to indoctrination.
space DUPLANTIER, F.R., School & State Should Be Separated. From America's Future. Parents who don't pay directly for their children's education (or do the teaching themselves)-- those who rely on government-run-tax-funded institutions -- are more likely to be irresponsible.
space DUPLANTIER, F.R., What Does the NEA Really Stand For From America's Future . 1996 NEA convention resolved that privatization, tax credit and vouchers are detrimental to public education. They further resolved to call for increased funding 1.) to reduce sexual orientation discrimination and 2.) to develop birth to age eight early childhood education programs. They further resolved that all homeschooled children meet all state requirements and be instructed by licensed parents who use state approved curricula.
space FARENGA, PATRICK: Can Christians Be Unschoolers? John Holt doesn't claim that children are naturally "good," but insists they are natural born learners.
space FRIEDMAN, MILTON: Public Schools: Make Them Private. Friedman believes the only way to save our educational system is to privatize education with no-strings-attached vouchers.
spaceFRIEDMAN, MILTON: Why We Should Consider Alternatives to Government Schooling, from The Cato Institute.
space GATTO, JOHN TAYLOR: The Public School Nightmare: Why fix a system designed to destroy individual thought.
space GATTO, JOHN TAYLOR: The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher.
spaceAlso see John Taylor Gatto: Writing on the Web
space GREENBERG, STEPHAN: Toward a Theory of Legal Homeschooling
space ILLICH, IVAN with Aaron Falbel: Foreword to Deschooling Our Lives, by Matt Hern.
space JOBS, STEVE: The State of Public School System. An interview from Wired.
space JOHNSON, DENIS: School is Out, from Salon.
Homebased parents who withdrew their children from the schools finally understand why they were confused by school. No one seemed to understand (believe) how horrible the experience was.
space KEY, ELLEN:The Century of the Child
Book from 1900 advocating keeping kids at home until 9-10 (like the Moores) and in school only until 15-16.
space KASEMAN, LARRY & SUSAN: Are Tax Credits for Educational Expenses a Good Idea for Homeschoolers?. From Home Education Magazine. br>spaceKASEMAN, LARRY & SUSAN: Hanging on to what makes homeschooling distinctive. From Home Education Magazine.
space LARSEN-KO, MARNIE: Life is an Education From Nurturing Parent Summer 1996.
space LYMAN, ISABEL: Homeschooling: Back to the Future From the Cato Institute.
A research paper written by a long-term homeschooling parent. Addresses the common FAQs and provides an extensive history of the movement.
space MAGLIOZZI, THOMAS: The New Theory of Learning. Garage mechanic, university instructor, consultant, and talk radio personality writes about what we all know: we learn better when we're motivated. Not only that, but we don't learn at all unless we get to "do" it.
space LEVINE, JANIE: Truancy, Curfews and Our Response From Home Education Magazine December 1996.
space MANASCO, BRITTON: Special Ed Factory-like schooling may soon be a thing of the past.From Reason July 1996.
space MARENHOLTZ, ECKEHART: Public And State Controlled Education
space MEYER, LIZ: Home Schooling in Holland. From Alternative Learning Exchange.
space MARSHALL, J. DAN: Public School Reform: Potential Lessons from the Truly Departed From Education Policy Analysis Archives.
space MONTGOMERY, ZACH: Poison Drops in the Federal Senate: The School Question from a Parental and Non-Sectarian Standpoint 1886.
space MOORE, RAYMOND: Being a Kid is Not a Crime
space ORSI, JACKIE: Accreditation Plan Poses Threat to Homeschool Liberty. For CA Homeschool Network.
space PEARL, LESLEY: Home Schooling: Instilling Jewish Family Values. From Jewish Bulletin Online 1995.
space RICHMAN, SHELDON: It's No Manufactured Crisis. From The Freeman.
space SELLER, BEST: Response to question--What about the children of parents who don't give a rat's behind about their children's education?
[ Also QA3 & supportive articles. ]
space SHAPIRO, NINA: Is No School Better than Your School? The Case Against School. Originally published in Eastsideweek.
space STANLEY, CINDY: Threatening Our Freedom to Homeschool. From Rocky Mountain Education Connection.
space STEDMAN, LAWRENCE C.: The Achievement Crisis is Real: A review of the manufactured crisis. From Education Policy Analysis Archives. 1/96.
space STEVENS, EARL: What is Unschooling. Originally published in At Home In New England.
space SULAIMAN, C.R., Returning Children to an Allah Centered Environment. Worth reading regardless of your religion.
space TRENCH, WILLIAM: State Education Fails the Test, from the Freedom Party of Ontario (Canada).
space WEST, EDWIN G.: The Spread of Education Before Compulsion: Britain and America in the Nineteenth Centuty
Argues against compulsory education because it doesn't increase literacy


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