Some art I like...

Here's a vase Bryan and I acquired recently. It seems always to be changing -- never looks the same way twice. The artist is Peter Hamilton of Atlanta.

Welded iron by Mr. Grimsley of Dodge Co., GA.

He does some of the most amazing stuff. Why I've not yet run my car off the highway getting a look at his work is a mystery. I'd like to acquire a set of three of these sunflowers, but Bryan and I are still "discussing" it.

And Bryan gave me this lovely little handcrafted couple when we were in Iceland. Wish you could better see some of the needlework detail. It's quite lovely.

This lovely lady is a resident of Iceland. She is "Kona Med Strokk" ("Woman Churning Butter") and was created by Asmundur Sveinsson in 1934.

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