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as well as material I have contributed elsewhere)

  • "Accidental Audience, The" A presentation that Bryan and I made at The 13th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning on April 13, 2002.
  • American Literature, Early -- Homepage of English 2131/History 2111 The beta-version of a Web-enhanced class I team-taught with a colleague from the history department. The final version is on WebCT.
  • Andover, New JerseySome scenes and commentary about the town in which I grew up -- also the nearby community of Lake Lenape where we lived.
  • Art I LikeThis and that -- photos and links.
  • Art of Chinese Cooking, The -- by the Benedictine Sisters of PekingSome scanned drawings and the introduction to this delightful little volume.
  • Bellamann, Henry -- 1882-1945Multiple pages on this Missouri author of Kings Row -- a brief biography, a bibliography, dust jackets and summaries of novels, a few poems, a map of the town of Kings Row, and more.
  • Bellamann, Katherine Jones -- 1877-1956 A brief biography of this Mississippi author, novel summaries, and dust jackets.
  • "Briscoe, Det. Lennie"A canonical profile of the TV character from Law and Order. This was compiled as part of a project for the quarterly e-'zine apocrypha: the law & order zine and is intended to serve as an ongoing resource for fan fiction writers.
  • Campbell AncestorsBiographies and pictures of my great-great-grandfather James Hann Campbell, 1831-1911, my great-grandparents Ambrose Earl Campbell, 1868-1922, and Clara May Ferguson Campbell, 1867-1956, my grandfather Leslie H. Campbell, 1894-1954, and my father Donald deBeauchamp Campbell, 1922- .
  • Charleston, SC Travel Journal and PhotosFrom our March 2002 trip to this historic port city.
  • Cochran, GA -- Post Office ArtVisit the Pig Man!
  • Corbet, Denys -- 1826-1909The beginning of a page on the noted poet of Guernsey (one of the Channel Islands). Corbet wrote much of his poetry in Dgèrnésiais, the native language of Guernsey -- and he was my great-great-grandfather!
  • "Distant Adventures: GALILEO Travels to Iceland" An article I was asked to write for our University System's Office of Information and Instructional Technology newsletter after I returned from a trip to Iceland where I had been invited to be the keynote speaker at a conference of the Association of Icelandic Research Librarians.
  • "English Royal Forest and the Tale of Gamelyn, The"A chapter from my dissertation.
  • "Exercises in Doom: Yoknapatawpha County Weddings"A paper I wrote that explores the significant similarities among the weddings that take place in William Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha County novels.
  • Family PhotosThe Campbell Clan and more.
  • "File It Under 'Conversations That Never Took Place'"A short story I wrote for the quarterly e-'zine apocrypha: the law & order zine (vol. 6, no. 3, Fall 2002). The story assumes knowledge of the Law and Order episode "Aftershock."
  • "Good Old-Fashioned Spoofing!, A A Law and Order closet comedy I uploaded to FanFiction.Net. When a lawyer who spanks his clients is murdered, the detectives and DAs spring into action to get to the bottom of the case.
  • "'Hogan's Heroes' and the Holocaust...""...The Association that Just Won't Go Away" -- a paper I wrote for an online sociology class I took from Piedmont College in Spring 2000. Includes a scan of a note I received from actor Robert Clary.
  • "It Depends On What You Pay"My newest Law and Order fanfic. It's a semi-sequel to "A Lot of Trouble" and was inspired by a news item about a professional abduction service operating in New York City.
  • "lbriscoe@newbie.org"A short story I wrote for the quarterly e-'zine apocrypha: the law & order zine (vol. 6, no. 4, Winter 2002) in response to the editors' challenge to write a story in which something significant happens to your protagonist for the first time.
  • "Lot of Trouble, A"Another of my Law and Order fanfics. This one features the character Judith Sandler from the episode "Survivor." She's out of prison and runs smack into one of the cops who arrested her.
  • Malone, Ted -- a transcript of a radio broadcast by this war correspondent... from the base of the 368th Fighter Group "somewhere in Belgium" on 11/29/44. The young Lt. Campbell whom Malone encounters at the piano playing "Star Dust" is my dad.
  • Middle Georgia College, Scenes ofScans of watercolor postcards.
  • Penn Hall Preparatory School and Junior CollegeCreated for the alumnae of that now-defunct school in Chambersburg, PA.
  • Poetry -- "Dr. Rampey's Quick and Dirty Guide to Reading Poetry"An aid for high school and college students.
  • Reference Works Online (Leslie's Personal Reference Shelf)Stuff I find myself checking frequently.
  • "Seeking and Finding Your 'Accidental Audience:' Guidelines for Creating a Web Presence" The Web page for "The Accidental Audience: You'll Never Know They're Out There," a presentation Bryan and I made at The Thirteenth International Conference on College Teaching and Learning in Jacksonville, FL, April 9-13, 2002.
  • "Sir Guiltalot"A short story I wrote for the quarterly e-'zine apocrypha: the law & order zine (vol. 6, no. 4, Winter 2002). An evening at the theatre turns disturbingly emotional for Detective Rey Curtis.
  • Sushi - "Leslie's Seven Sushi Lessons"If you're braving the world of sushi for the first time, you might want to take a look here.
  • Switzerland Travel Journal and PhotosFrom our March 2001 trip to Zurich.
  • Teddy BearsThe entrance to our ursines' pages.
  • Television Shows, My FavoriteA Ph.D. in English watches these shows?!?
  • Unvanquished, The -- by William FaulknerA study aid and commentary under construction.
  • "Very L&O Valentine, A"A Law and Order Valentine's Day story I co-authored with Cirocco Jones. Warning: It's heavy on satire and meta-references.
  • VitaWanna hire me?
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