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Do we need religion to end wars ? Or we need religion to start one? The answer is clear,  starting a war. There is no peace treaty made in the name of religion, especially of Abrahamic faiths. These faiths are focus on single creator. To them, everything is according to His WILL, yet atrocities were committed by these erroneous followers in the name of their religions. Men's will or God's?

It is a great contradiction that Abrahamic religions claimed to teach Peace, Love, Tolerance and Respect one another , yet there more wars been fought in the name of these monotheistic religions. Their belief, rituals and the interpretations of their holy scriptures are the roots of blood shed. More atrocities committed under religion banners than any major wars in the history of mankind.

Religions are man's inventions to control masses. By imposing fears of the unknowns and threatened those who disagree with the authorities as disobedience to God. These leaders ruled with little resistance in the past, hence by promising one's obedience, they were guaranteed heavens. That's how religion begins.That is how pathetic god-fearers live their lives and continue to do after ten of centuries later.

If this universe began by a single God and the first human was created to His likeness. Guess how this God looks like? A hairless primate?Was human evolved from primates millions of years ago or from clay some 6,000 years ago?

It was human who created God to his likeness instead, and got distorted by religions leaders and became "He" created created us instead. Just like any holy books were written by men, edited by authority and distorted by religious patriarchs claimed to be messiahs or prophets.

Almost all monotheistic religions disagree one another over the belief, rituals, practices, doctrines, interpretations of their scriptures. All would claim theirs are of the right path and other are deviated if not satanic. Would any Semitic faiths claimed their rival belief and rituals are more accurate than theirs? No! they called each cults if not devilish. 

Rivalry arose over the interpretations of their holy books and they called it "words of God"'. God's words? They were human's works put into writing my ancient writers. Edited by the preceding leaders, censored by the ruling authorities, and amended by through the collaborations of the political and religious authorities .

Do wars have to be fought for disagreements over religions? Fighting over sacred lands at the expenses of innocents lives. Disputed over the meanings of God's words with bloody wars? Forcing those to believe and embrace their religions with taxes relief. Imposing higher taxes from infidels. Only Semitic Faiths of Middle East would do so and they are still practicing it diligently for last 2,000 years.

Mankind must put an end to Wars ; or Wars will an end to Mankind...

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