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Muddy Buddha And The Green Machine


"People do it everyday, they talk to themselves... they see themselves as they'd like to be, they don't have the courage you have, to just run with it."
~Tyler Durden, From Fight Club~

I really just hope that someone finds the content of this page mildly interesting, gets a laugh or an insight into something previously alien to them.

Why not check out some of the Cells in my Monastery, that is what we Monks call the other pages of our web sites.

"Muddy Buddha's Motorcycle Page"
"Muddy Buddha's Travel Journal"
"Pictures of Muddy Buddha"
"The Simple Truth, According to Muddy"
"My thoughts on Reincarnation Vs Recycling"
"A few of my poems"
"My favorite books"
"A picture of my 1964 Pontiac LeMans"

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