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July 29, 1999
Today is the Official Opening of Communicon Online Stamp Club. As of now, it is not much and this is why I am going to ask anyone who would like to volunteer to help with this site to email me. I'm sure we will beable to make a great site. When I get enough people to get this site off the ground, I will hopefully get a server and some hosting. So please, if you would like to help or if you have any comments, email them to me at:

August 4, 1999
I would like to encourage people to view the gallery which has been totally redone and also visit the section about the famous "Bluenose". There is a new "Stamp Trivia" up. To take the quiz and see how good your are at knowing your stamps, follow the "Fun" button and click on the trivia. Other activities will be coming very soon.

If you follow the "Cool" button you will find some awesome searches that you can perform on stamps and some other cool stuff!
Thanks for coming!

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