Well yeah. The last update to this page before now was 16th Nov 2006 apparently. A lot has happened since then ... it's 5th April 2009 now o_O

And why am I back here? Because my page came up as the third entry on the google results page for something I was looking for. I think that's a pretty good sign that I'm on a hiding to nothing, that my own, long neglected page comes up on a search (for the chainring and sprocket tooth numbers on my nowadays little-used bike, so I don't have to go into the shed at 1.30am to check on it so I can compare it with the results available from an interesting-looking 14-speed hub gear). It's not like I'm the only person in the world with it, but I've only seen one other person reporting ownership - and no details - and a very small handful of somewhat strange cycle shops selling it. Also with few details, though one listed the chainrings (the more important bit) at least.

Anyway I'm in the middle of looking for something else right now, and no-one reads or makes geocities pages any more as everything's shifted to Facebook, so it doesn't really matter. Might update it again in another couple of years, maybe even with a picture, if I can squeeze any into the tiny amount of my allowance that's left over.

-MP out

Yet another long delayed and fairly pointless update

Just because I sort of feel like I should, for the 250-ish people who have looked at this page in eternium, in a small but steady trickle. Particularly whoever it was that googlewhacked it with "Xantia Height Refused". Nice one. Haven't a clue what you were thinking, but thanks for taking a look.

Anyway. Update time. First off, I'm going to dump in my CV here because I feel like spreading it around a few of my online locations in case I need to get at it on machines where I don't have my pendrive or don't have access to it, etc. Transloading can occasionally come in useful... So without further ado,

Mark's CV, Updated 29th October 2006, 2 pages, MS Word 2003 format
Thank you please

Apart from that, some other things, relating back to the previous screed.