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You might remeber this comical battle from General Ironbeaks invasion in Mattimeo.

Chaos was added to confusion.
The huge slignload shot forward, flattening the birds who were trying to stand. Rocks, soil, and rotting vegetable matter pounded in a torrent upon the floundering birds. The evil smelling compound eveloped them.
Completely defeated, the birds slithered nosily up the stairwell. Ironbeak tried to spit the evil concoction out as he thudded and bumped his way up, sometimes slipping back a stair often falling heavily against the walls. All around his warriors suffered the same predicament. Floundering, cursing and skidding, they beat and ignominous retreat, with the laughter of the Redwallers ringing in their heads.
"Hahaha, wash that little lot off."
Hope you've got a birdbath up there, hohoho!"
"Heeheehee, I suspect foul play!"
Ironbeak supported himself against the wall.
"Yagga! You've signed your death warrants," he threatened. "The moment you set paw outside, we'l be waiting on the rooftops. You will be slain without mercy."
"Yah, go and boil your beak, General Pongo!"

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The one thing I would add to this site is...
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Writing tip-

If you're writing a story and you find yourself getting bored with it, start a new one, but don't quit the old one. That way, when you want to write, you have a choice of more than one thing to write about. Just be careful not to start TOO many new stories! Two or three is plenty!
If you should happen to get writer's block, then just save your story in a safe place until you can write again.

To get ideas for a story. Be a bit of a 'spy'! Take real life situations and embelish them and write it down!

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