Creek Hopper
Do you look over bridges or off the side of the road when crossing water on road trips? Are you captivated by waterfalls? I am too, so much so that I secure my hips and legs in a plastic shell and throw myself into raging whitewater in a kayak. A few of you may have seen such things- tied to the roofs of cars with bumper stickers from various bands unknown by people over 30. I've been known to search out creeks and rivers to paddle and "hopping" from one to another, earning a nickname "creekhopper", so I figured it would be a suiting title to this webpage. This site is dedicated to kayaking. More specifically, the stretches of whitewater which I have paddled since the beginning of 2004. I have been paddling since I was in the Boy Scouts and I thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.

This page is pretty much the cover page for the rest of the site. Most of the meat of this site is at the link entitled "Waters I've paddled" Right over there-->

***DISCLAIMER*** This site is NOT intended as a reference for other paddlers. You may use this site only as an inside view to those creeks and rivers I have paddled personally. All information contained within this site is solely written by myself, and for myself. It should be known that you, the reader, should take all precautions before boating and to NOT rely on this information as a guide to your adventures. All of the information contained within this site is maintained by me, and seeing as I'm not perfect, may contain errors. Boat at your own risk, not mine. PEACE!!

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Three Rivers Paddling Club (member)

American Whitewater Organization (member)

Waters I've paddled (pictures included)

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